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Ovi Suite Updated

Just checked that the Ovi Suite has recieved an update and is now at version
It is a 60 MB download and is supposed to give you “Great new features, Updated Applications and Performance Improvements”.
I am downloading it right now.
you can download it from with the Ovi Suite by going to “Tools” and “check for updates”

Rediscovering SportsTracker With The N78

One of the things I have been wanting to do for quite a while now is extensively try out the latest version of the multifaceted ‘Sports Tracker’ application. Like I’ve said earlier, since the time it first came out, it has undergone so much change and improvements that ’sportstracker’ is an understatement and well, a little misleading and because of this a lot of us fail to put it to its best use which is not sports but recording a trek/trip.

The lower range of the Himalayas is pretty near from where I live and the day before yesterday’s cloudy and windy weather was a perfect invitation in the otherwise sultry heat. So, I and a few friends decided to go uphill for lunch, a one and a half our drive. To give us company, we had a range of Nokia devices from the N78 to the E90 to the N82 and the E71. I did not have sportstracker installed on the N82, so I decided the N78 was going to be the phone for the job. (In the end, it proved to be a wise choice, reasons below.)

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T9 Nav: The Next Killer Application For S60

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to present to you, what in my opinion is going to be the next killer application for S60 devices. In the comments section of the QWERTY v. T9 speed test article, Tim mentioned an application called T9 Nav which I have only been able to try it today and it has blown my mind.

T9 Nav is a mobile search application that lets you find anything on your phone by just typing in the first few letters of whatever you’re looking for. As soon as you press a number, it starts looking for anything on your device that matches the numbers or the letters on that key. For example if you press “2” it finds any contacts, calendar items, ringtones, applications, bookmarked websites or anything else beginning with 2, a, b or c. Read on for a complete run through.

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Nokia Chat, Map Loader Updated & Nokia Email Debutes On Beta Labs

The feature packed, presence enabled application called Nokia Chat that was released a few weeks ago has received an update, fixing a lot of small bugs. The report from the Beta Labs is that the new version contains fixes to voice message related malfunctions, connectivity related problems and that the battery life should get quite a boost. Also, errors while entering items into the Phonebook shouldn’t happen anymore.

The ability to open links from the chat conversation is now possible and for those of you using an E90, the enter-key can now be used for sending messages and there shouldn’t be a problem in rendering the friend list from now on. Download link.

The next big announcement today is that Nokia’s native push Email client that hopes to take on the likes of Blackberry has just reared its head on Beta Labs. The team behind the Email client is already open to suggestions and feature requests and the Beta Labs debut should take this one notch up. We can now expect a much more informed developmental phase. So if you already haven’t tried Nokia’s solution, the time is now. Be sure to provide feedback through comments, defect reports and suggestions regarding your experience with this service. I, for example would like a shorter retrieval internal of 15 minutes unlike the 30 minutes or complete push that is currently available.

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Three New Applications From Dr. Jukka

The man behind the arguably best S60 file manger Y-Browser, has released three new applications, albeit as early alphas. First up is Theme Scheduler that allows automated theme switching with a timer, or automated theme changing based on the active profile.

Next is a Fake Message application that allows timed “sending” of fake SMS messages, so next time you want to get out of a tight situation, you’ll know what to do.

Last of all is Profile Scheduler that brings in automated profile switching for free. This is a feature that’s been missing in S60 phones for a long time and we’ve not really had a good freeware to take care of it either, at least till now.

All in all three great freewares to look forward to on a dull Monday morning. Just one thing, these will need to be Open Signed. (via – Pasco)

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

I don’t know if any one of you has felt the need to delete all calender entries on the phone in one go, but for me, this one thing I have been wanting to do without hassle for a long time. There may be an occassion when you need to lend a phone to a friend for a while but before that want to delete all private data such as Contacts, Text Messages, Notes and so on. Fortunately all of these can be easily deleted by a simple ‘Mark All’ and then selecting ‘Delete’. However deleting multiple calender entries in one go can be a bother and the only solution is a *#7370# format. This is also specially irritating when a sync goes wrong or when you want to preserve the installed applications.

Fortunately there are two very simple ways of doing this easily and quickly, read on.

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Windows Live Client For Nokia Available In India

Symbian Freak reported a few days back about availability of Windows Live client for Nokia in USA and a few more European countries. I’m happy to say that it is also available for download in India, just go to download! in the Menu and you’ll find the client listed as Mail, IM.

The Share online configuration for Windows Live Spaces is still missing but at least now the mail and IM client is available officially in India. Go ahead, download it!

The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

A couple of days ago Mark wrote a post detailing the first 10 applications he installs on any S60 Nokia he gets his hands on and invited other long term users to share what they do once they get a new phone. This is something I have also been wanting do for some time now, so after the break you can find the first ten applications I let rip on my devices.

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Sports Tracker Gets Video Upload

Sports Tracker Gets Video

The Sports Tracker application (yes its still called Sports Tracker!), has been updated once more and is up to v1.76 and support for uploading of video clips along with pictures taken during your journey to Sports Tracker web site has been added. Also added has been support for upcoming handsets like the N78 and N96.

We are all unanimous in the belief that the name ‘Sports Tracker’ needs to go especially because from the time the application came out to now, it has undergone so much change and improvements that ‘sportstracker’ is an understatement and well, a little misleading. Nokia Voyager I think seems cool, however I do admit its a little over the top! Ricky has suggested Nokia Traveler and Nokia Paths, while Krisse over at AAS has brought up Journey Tracker or Journey Log as possible alternatives. What do you think it should be called? Odyssey? Jaunt? Excursion?

Here’s the download link and make sure you check out the Nseries SportsTracker widget too!