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Ovi Suite Updated

Just checked that the Ovi Suite has recieved an update and is now at version
It is a 60 MB download and is supposed to give you “Great new features, Updated Applications and Performance Improvements”.
I am downloading it right now.
you can download it from with the Ovi Suite by going to “Tools” and “check for updates”


Updates For Share On Ovi

Updates For Share On Ovi

You may noticed that noticed Share On Ovi was down for a liitle while and that was because it was being given two enhancements. The first is the support for PicLens, which allows for interactive viewing and browsing of media on Share in a full screen mode. In order to use this features, simply install the plugin and then simply mouse over media on Share and click on the PicLens play button that appears in the lower left hand corner to view.

The second is the addition of another Image Size, ‘Extra Large’ based on popular demand. Also added is a new into video. I still have a few suggessions, some of which I have made earlier too and a complaint. Read on.

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Shozu Adds Support For Share On Ovi

Shozu Adds Support For Share On Ovi

Matthew brings news that Shozu has added support for Nokia’s Share on Ovi platform and now users can choose to upload to Ovi directly instead of the email option we were forced to use. Ovi will be available in the list of supported sites and all you need to do is enter your account details and where you want the uploads to go and thats it, just like you would set up Flickr. If you are new to Shozu, its a mobile application that manages your web uploads and allows a user to upload to more than one locations in one go.

This would mean that Shozu’s desktop client will also support direct uploads and Share on Ovi will get a much needed desktop upload tool. I personally would like a desktop upload tool from Nokia directly, but until then, here’s Shozu.

Nokia Music PC Application Launched

Nokia Music PC Application Out

Nokia Beta Labs has been really turning it on these past few. The Nokia Music PC application that was demoed way back last year has finally made out in an early beta form. The idea behind the application was ease of use and convenience. The application makes possible to rip CDs directly to a connected device (just drag and drop the CD icon to your device – job done!) and move playlists you have created while out and about back to your PC collection. Nokia Music is also one of the first applications to take use Microsoft’s new WPF technology.

As part of their policy of remaining open, the PC application should function with any MTP-compliant device, whether it be a Nokia device or another brand MP3 player! Future versions of the application will also integrate Nokia’s Music Store and things such as artwork retrieval and a recommendations feature.

Give it a rip and let them know what you think! Some people are reporting that they are having issues getting it to run on XP SP3 and the team is working on it. I’ll meanwhile install and see how it goes from there!


Maps On Ovi: Nokia Maps To Integrate With The Web

Although this was kind of expected at some stage, Crave brings news that Nokia at Where 2.0, announced Maps on Ovi, a Web component designed to to complement its mobile mapping software, Nokia Maps 2.0.

Maps To Intergrate With The Web


As part of the Ovi brand of Internet services, which includes the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage gaming platform, Maps on Ovi will allow users to plan their trips on their desktop or laptop and then synchronize (automatically or manually) it with their smartphones. Conversely, if you’re already out on the road, you can record routes and points of interest on your handset and then upload them to the Ovi service when you return home to share with family and friends. The interface on Web side is similar to what you’d see on your phone for ease of use and a more seamless experience.

This is great news, just goes to show how serious Nokia is about becoming an internet company. Michael Halbherr, vice president of context-based services at Nokia, said “now it’s not so much about route calculation (since that part of the technology is pretty solid) as it is about what we can do with the data. The next step is about discovering, collecting, and sharing those experiences.”

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Geo-Tagging In Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go

GeoTagging On Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go!

We have just had official word from the Share on Ovi Blog that things have been worked out and Geo-tagging is a complete go. SoO (Share on Ovi) will now will recognize if GPS information has been embedded in the photo and if so, will display a map of where the photo was taken. Previously we were left to try and input location information ourselves, I’m glad that almost useless ordeal, is over. I am beginning to like this service more and more and if they can keep on improving, it’ll really be wonderful.

Photos taken using Location Tagger or with phones such as N82/N78 that have Geo-tagging capabilities inbuilt contain location data in the EXIF headers and such pictures will now be displayed with a relevant map. For those pictures that lack such data, we will still be able to add location information.

On another note, there are two things I’d like to have in SoO:

– Ability to open Images in a new window; makes for much easier browsing.

– A decent desktop uploader that can preferably give me a right click ‘Send To’ option.

The SoO team is looking for feedback, so if have have any issues or suggestions, drop them a line.

Pangea Day – Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Contest

Pangea Day

Before I tell you what this is about let me tell you what is up for grabs!

Courtesy of Nokia and WOM World, the winner will receive a Nokia N82, a carrying case, tripod, memory card, headphones and speakers! Plus Five Fanalists plus a friend will see their mobile films screened at the Live Pangea Day event in Los Angeles where an overall winner will be chosen by a celebrity panel. The winner of the Grand Prize also gets to undertake a mobile filmaking trip to the Rwandan Gorilla Reserve with full crew support.

Now if that has your interest here is what you need to do. Just create a film according to the outline provided by David on his site (also mentioned below), upload it to Share on Ovi’s Pangea site and let David know you’re in the running by leaving a comment on his blog. It really is that easy, so get your creative juices flowing, your directors chair ready and record! Details below!

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