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This page is all about miscellaneous entries. In case you have any query, question or problem that is bothering you just mention it here. We’ll try and come up with a solution for it, in case we ourselves don’t know we’r sure some reader will show us the right path!

Here’s to lesser frustrations in S60!

22 thoughts on “Q & A”

  1. Hi, S60 is an operating system for the phone. Other examples of operating systems include windows mobile etc. S60 is loved world over because of its flexibility and ability to add new applications amongst other things.

  2. Hi vaibhav,
    I read, re-read and re-read again the post of yours about playing music and videos wirelessly over the phone from your pc. I was able to play music wirelesslt without downloadind on my n95 phone. however for some reason the videos file cannot be played despite the format of the video is mp4. And 3gp format is not accepted by Windows media player. Is there any othe application I can use instead of WMP which can stream videos. help me pleasse.

  3. It would be great if you can write a post on how to set up twonky media to play music and video. I am struggling vaibhav. Please help…

  4. this blog sucks. useful information but no updates. it is disappointing when everyday a reader like me visits sites like this with a talented author writing it but it is sad and a bit annoying to see hardly any updates.

    Not a good sign for readers, vaibhav.

  5. Thank you for the feedback. I am pretty aware of the lack of posts and that should be sorted out in a day, my laptop had developed a few issues and I have a new one now! We should be back very soon!

  6. Dear Vaibhav,

    I have recently read the “allaboutsymbian.com” review on Nokia maps 2.0. The thing that caught my eye is pedestrian mode.

    However I am not impressed but rather distresses with it. I would say “Nokia has missed the boat”. Heck, I would even comment “Nokia killing people than connecting people”

    People can only do one thing at a time. Now if Nokia wants people to look at the mobile screen which intelligently displays the orientation it faces, you cannot concentrate on walking which requires observation. Of course you can do it simultaneously but it is dangerous.

    Nokia could have simply added “Voice Guided Pedestrian Mode” than simply distracting people with intelligent orientation system. This would be safer and more productive than looking at the phone screen while you are walking.

    Think about it! Your observation is not distracted while you are walking and look smart at the same time. Not only it is safer but much more appropriate for people as they do carry ear-phone.

    Please Vaibhav post this message so that other blogger could appreciate my point of view and eventually Nokia. Nokia, stop killing people and start guiding people safely. I would not be amazed if someone sues Nokia for its navigation system.

    When Nitendo Wii came out, it was not safe. People accidentally damaged things or each other with Wii mote. I guess, it is just a learning curve.

    Vaibhav, I would appreciate if you can express my voice in your blog.


    Nipul Pravin

  7. hi vaibhay,

    Needed some help in installing applicatiosn which come with as .class extension along with META-INF and COM folders(For ex: DngPhoneCamera application ).No idea how to install them on my nokia n95 8gb..Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance
    Happy HOLI

  8. when ever i try connecting to web thru wifi onmy n95 8bb i always get a msessage”no gateway found”pls help me..

  9. hey vaibhav..

    i have been trying to set my mind on a phone.. finally today is the last day for me to decide.. my sis is coming frm abroad. i have come down to n78 or n95 8gb… which should i go for? i dont need the camera. i use very rarely. but n95 8gb has big screen which is why this caught my and i browse a lot on the phone. also music is imp for me. and how useful is the accelerometer which is not in n78. also n78 memory is expandable and faster transfer and not to forget symbian os fp2. should i sacrifice so much hardware and go for n78.. pls reply today.. im depending…


  10. Hi Anjath,

    Thats a tough choice indeed and I wish I could give you a definitive answer.

    The music on the N78 is much better than the 8G, however through the loudspeakers the 8G trumps.

    Web browsing is definately better on a 2.8″ screen, hands down, video watching is also quite a pleasure.

    The accelerometer is not much of mis, i’ll personally don’t mind having it but its not an essential. Even FP2 is not that important.

    The faster transfers are a big boon, but at the end of the day it’ll only save you some time – thats it.

    If I were to take a pick, i’ll go with the 8G because of the better keypad. Also because I want good loudspeakers and the web browsing experience is important.

  11. thank you vaibhav,

    you have made up my mind. i can now buy n95 8gb without feeling i have missed out on anything. the data transfer was a concern but if u think of it, its not that big of a deal as people are making it in the forums all over.. its just that the negatives are so less people want to grab on to something..(just kidding)

    i guess the only sacrifice i will make is the music quality and fp2. so without considering camera at all, n95 8gb is the winner and thats what i wanted to know..

    we, in india dont need fast locks for gps too. just stop by ask anyone on the road for directions.. u get voice assistance with hand gestures and alternate routes also free which no gps can ever provide.. ha!

    thank you so much…

  12. hey vaibhav…

    still waiting for my phone. will arrive on saturday hopefully. so first thing ill do is update the firmware. since i use only gprs and have no broadband or dialup at home, i am planning on doing it from some internet cafe. i dont think there will be a charging plug there. so will a full charge be enough to go through with the whole update? i will try to switch off antivirus in the computer but is it necessary to turn off windows firewall? is there any other precaution i need to take? will the nokia care do it for me for free but i dont have india warranty. how much will i have to pay if not? or should i just do it on my own?

    and next

    i was searching for a good enough gps software for the 8gb. i went through your old gps posts and i think u recommend mgmaps many months back that is. but that was long before the nokia navigation ads have started showing (the ads look really good! is nokia maps really enough?) which is the best gps software available now? that should use the internal gps. keep in mind i want detail to india maps mainly. i went on to a site gpsinindia.com and was surprised to see ur name and e-mail for contact regarding any queries. so what software are you using? my main importance is all state and national highways atleast since i go on long bike rides. please mention any free or paid software and is it worthwhile to pay and wut are the things i get extra if i pay, i dont mind as long as it works well.

    thanks in advance…

  13. A full battery is enough for the firmware update. No need to mess with the firewall and AV etc. Its simple enough to do it on your own, provided you have win xp..
    As far as Maps go, Nokia Maps is a good bet in Delhi, Mumbai and a few other metros. Otherwise Google Maps’ is a free good alternative. Sadly there is still no comprehensive India software. I’ve yet to try wayfinder and a couple of other option, will give it a hot soon.

  14. thankfully i didnt have to do the update..

    there is another problem.. im not able to send text msgs.. im able to recieve well. wut cud be the problem? when i checked the msg centre number it was +971… so i knew that was the problem. so i called up customer care and got the new number that is for airtel and now even that is not working. i switched off and everything. wut cud it be? they say if i can send sms frm other phones then its not sim fault and it has something to do with my phone… now what??? the number they gave is +919895051918 which seems to be correct

  15. i hav solved my problem…

    first u shud know that they will give u the wrong message center number. so call up ur airtel friends and get their number from their phone. even if u get the right number from the customer care they tell u to switch off phone and the on again. but even that doesnt work. u actually have to take off the battery also for a few seconds. everythings perfect now! still wondering why my phone didnt detect the message center number from sim automatically..

  16. How do i install unsigned apps on a Nokia N78. I tried BINPDA but the TRK wont install. I hav put my installation settings to OFF bt even that did not help. And how do we definetly put the power saver on the n78 OFF.

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