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N96 Launched in India!

I just just read it on the Tech2 site that the Nokia N96 has been launched in India today and its expected to cost about INR 36000/-

The handset will come preloaded with WaveSecure and will also include free Bollywood movie “Om Shanti Om”. The hanset will also come with bundled music and videos as usual. The Gamers will get a free license for Asphalt Urban 3rd Edition. The device will also have preloaded maps for India, Singapore and UAE and 3 months’ navigation license for 8 Indian cities.

More details here.

Open At Own Risk Live Once More, You Can Still Be In The Top 500

Open At Own Risk Live Once More, You Can Still Be In The Top 500

Ladies and Gentelmen is back. What this means is that the elusive site is accessible once more so you can take a shot at watching the most insane video ever produced and also win an exclusive T-shirt if you are in the top 500. All you need to do is break four seals to unlock everything, simply breaking the first will give you access to the video.

This is where there is a huge glitch on Nokia’s part and I mean huge. The video that is supposedly in the Download! folder, which will help you unlock the seal, simply isn’t present on some phones like the E71. Fortunately I had my E90 and was able to get hold of it, for those of you who don’t have this luxury, I have uploaded it to Nokia’s very own Mosh. The other three seals require a webcam and the wallpaper and the ringtone and a mic. If you don’t have a webcam, a trial of Mobiola’s Web Cam application or WWIGO should help.

If you can’t seem to get hold of the wallpaper or the ringtone also, then you can find them here. It appears that there is still room at the top, I was able to be among the first 500 and I tried 5 minutes back. So get cracking before time runs out!

Nokia Pilots Makes Me Jump With Joy

When word of the Nokia Pilots program first came out, I skipped writing about it for the simple reason that we didn’t know what it was going to be. Was it merely going to be access to alpha applications or was it going to be much more, the stuff of our dreams?

But having read this post by Mikko Lintunen of Nokia Pilots on the Beta Labs pages, I write this post as a Nokia fanboy who’s long time dream has just come true. Nokia Pilots is going to be big, selected ‘Pilots’ will have access to the latest concept devices that may only exist as protypes as well as trialling latest services and software. Stuff, that has NOT been publicly announced.

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Now A Malware For Series 60 Third Edition? Please Don’t Panic!

This is one disturbing piece of news. Reports on the internet suggest that as of today Series 60 Third Edition is no longer virus/malware free. The credit for taking away the virus free title goes to a software known as the “Isexplayer” which acts as a pornographic portal offering a myriad of “services”. Once the .sis file is installed, the software reportedly automatically dials a premium-rate international phone number without the owners’ knowledge.

The application during installation asks for the user’s permission to make calls and after that reportedly makes calls itself. Now that the news part is done, lets get into what is this all about. First up this might not be true at all and be just another rumour.

Second, even if it is true and such an application exists, it is impossible for you to get affected automatically. You will need to manually get hold of the application and then install it after going through the warnings. Third, only people with ‘hacked’ phones are at risk and that too if they choose to install. If you have no idea what ‘hacked phone’ means – you are completely safe. This application is unsigned and therefore cannot be directly installed on a normal S60.

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Native Push Email For Everyone

screenshot0059 - Share on Ovi

These days almost everyone, even non corporates feel the need for ‘push email’ – email sent straight into their inboxes and Nokia seems to be aware of this. Pursuant to this Nokia has launched a new beta service called Nokia Email which is the mail for exchange equivalent for those out of the corporate world. So basically if you have a IMAP or POP email provider such as GMAIL, you can have push email for free.

The service is still in beta and for now the list of compatible devices includes Nokia E51, E61, E61i, E65, E66, E71, E90, N73, N80, N81 8GB and the N95, looks like FP2 devices are out of the loop so far. All you need to do in order to get this setup is sign up on the Nokia Email website and get the download link sent to your mobile phone. Once you do that, installation and setup on the phone is a piece of cake. There are options to set the sync interval, whether you want it active while roaming and so on. The UI of the application is nice and feels FP2.

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Nokia To Accquire Symbian & Set It Free

Nokia To Accquire Symbian & Then Set It Free

This is huge news. As you may already know Nokia currently holds the controlling interest in Symbian, however  not satisfied with that they are going to acquire a full 100%. The net cash outlay from Nokia to purchase the approximately 52% of Symbian Limited shares it does not already own will be approximately EUR 264 million.

But they don’t really want it for themselves but to create an open platform. In this direction, the Symbian Foundation, was announced today by Nokia, along with AT&T, LG Electronics, Motorola, NTT DOCOMO, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Vodafone. The foundation will unify Symbian, S60, UIQ and MOAP(S) software to create an open software platform for converged mobile devices, enabling the whole mobile ecosystem to accelerate innovation. This will make the platform code available to all for free, bringing additional innovation to the platform and engaging even a broader community in future developments.

All in all this is wonderful news for all Symbian fans but my guess is that it will have Google worried sick. After all S60 devices have been ruling the market for a long time now and the first Android device is yet to make an appearance. Everyone seemed to believe that the future is in open source, so Android will play a crucial role but with this announcement, Nokia has completely changed the ball game. Nokia press releases here and here.