When I started this blog, it was supposed to be something on which I wrote about happenings related to technology, predominantly S60 and Nokia phones since that is the sphere I have the most experience in. I also wanted to talk about ways to get more from your phone. With that in mind I’ve realized that what I focus on or try and focus on primarily, is giving my perspective on things, applications and announcements rather than bringing the news as it happens. However I do try and put things that I feel are important, as quickly as possible! Most of all I try and share the things I’ve learnt over a period of time messing around with S60.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Vaibhav,

    I always thought that I’m really good with Symbian, but you beat me hands down in most of the aspects 🙂

    Excellent blog. Have bookmarked it. Where are you based – India or US?

    Ever used print functionality in Nokia N95?

    Great site once again.

    Rahul Goswami
    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

  2. Vaibhav,

    I wondering if you have encountered any issues with the latest version of N95 (v 21.0.016)

    I found 2:
    1. Nokia maps is unable to open ‘Landmarks’
    2. Gamesflash refuses to start

    Let me know if you found similar problems?

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