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Rediscovering SportsTracker With The N78

One of the things I have been wanting to do for quite a while now is extensively try out the latest version of the multifaceted ‘Sports Tracker’ application. Like I’ve said earlier, since the time it first came out, it has undergone so much change and improvements that ’sportstracker’ is an understatement and well, a little misleading and because of this a lot of us fail to put it to its best use which is not sports but recording a trek/trip.

The lower range of the Himalayas is pretty near from where I live and the day before yesterday’s cloudy and windy weather was a perfect invitation in the otherwise sultry heat. So, I and a few friends decided to go uphill for lunch, a one and a half our drive. To give us company, we had a range of Nokia devices from the N78 to the E90 to the N82 and the E71. I did not have sportstracker installed on the N82, so I decided the N78 was going to be the phone for the job. (In the end, it proved to be a wise choice, reasons below.)

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How To Move Your T9 Dictionary To Your New Phone

One of the major annoyances that people face when they move to a new phone or format it or flash a new firmware is the loss of the T9 customisation that they have accumulated over a period of time. Just today, Tim commented on the QWERTY v. T9 speed test rundown about the lack of such a feature and that got me thinking and brought me to this very simple solution.

It is indeed not only possible but also very easy to save/transfer the T9 customisation across S60 phones. All you need is a freeware like Y-Browser or any other file manager of your choosing. Step by step detail below.

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Tip: Set A Default Access Point For Your Java Applications

When Psiloc Connect first came out, I thought of if as an unnecessary convenience. But the more I use it, the more I am begining to like it. I am constantly moving in and out of WiFi hotspots in college, at home and otherwise and the convenience of not having to select access points everytime is amazing. However, this post is about giving your Java applications such as Gmail and Opera Mini similar benefits and configuring a default access point so that you do not need to choose an access point everytime you use them. Screenshots and details below.

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How To ‘Jailbreak/Hack’ Nokia S60 Phones

It was a while ago that news came out that Nokia S60 devices had been hacked/jailbroken. At that point in time the procedure was complicated and not everybody would attempt doing it. Then Nokia released firmwares that took away this possibility.

But another version of the hack was created, which made it much easier to jailbreak and install unsigned applications and add patches. Jailbreaking/Hacking now takes less than two minutes and you do not even need a computer. I have been mulling over the idea of putting up a guide to doing this, but Mark at The Nokia Blog has beat me to it. Jump over for the complete lowdown on – How To Hack Your S60.

Warning: Once you do this, please be extra careful in selecting the applications you install on your phone.

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

I don’t know if any one of you has felt the need to delete all calender entries on the phone in one go, but for me, this one thing I have been wanting to do without hassle for a long time. There may be an occassion when you need to lend a phone to a friend for a while but before that want to delete all private data such as Contacts, Text Messages, Notes and so on. Fortunately all of these can be easily deleted by a simple ‘Mark All’ and then selecting ‘Delete’. However deleting multiple calender entries in one go can be a bother and the only solution is a *#7370# format. This is also specially irritating when a sync goes wrong or when you want to preserve the installed applications.

Fortunately there are two very simple ways of doing this easily and quickly, read on.

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Hack: Download Any File Via The Default S60 Browser


My biggest gripe with the default S60 browser has been the (dis)ability to download files what the phone does not recognise itself. So inspite of WiFi and 3G speeds we cannot download a lot of stuff. A lot of times I get emails with .rar archived attachments and inspite of having a kickass smartphone while even lets me edit documents I cannot even get that attachment to my mobile. Silly!

But fear no more, Biggzy has just written an amazing guide (which he briefly mentions in the comments of the previous download manager post) which allows us to download any file with any extension via the default browser. I am reproducing it here. Brilliant work pal. There is just one caveat though you need to have the latest Core Player installed for this to work, if you do not have it I’d recommend getting it.

I recall when I had the N81, at first the phone couldn’t even download .zip attachments, however after I installed the default Zip application the Browser started downloading zip archives, so it is not difficult to implement or anything, S60 Browser team you listening?

The complete guide with step by step screenshots is right here after the break. If you prefer a video tutorial, look this page up.

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