New N95 Firmware Available For India Product Codes!


Finally the after being initially released on the 30th of April in select regions the new firmware for the Nokia N95 is now available for product codes of the Indian Sub Continent.

The changelog can be found here courtesy Symbian-Freak. The new firmware improves the overall speed of the phone, specially the camera and the multimedia menu which was a pain to use earlier. Reports also suggest that the camera has improved as a result of noise reduction in the post processing algorithm of the N95 being decreased allowing for greater detail. More on this can be found here.

A few reasons why you should update!

– Faster and more responsive Interface
– Colours are now much better in photos
– Noise reduction is reduced
– Wifi works slightly better and gets a better signal.

 The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) which is available here.

For any questions, comments or feedback just drop a note in the comments section! Good Luck with updating! Its a 109.1 Mb download!

 PS: Make sure u make a backup of the phone memory before you update!

 The NSU has also been updated to v. 1.37.

 Update: Here’s the complete story.

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