Weird N95 Bugs!

Even after the new firmware being released the N95 still has a few bugs left! Newest addition to this list was the camera bug which was brought to everyone’s notice by Steve of AAS. This post talks about some of the others.

  Date Separator

A new bug that I came across was that if you change the Date Separator in the Time and Date Settings found in Clock>Options>Settings to  ‘ : ‘  instead of any of the others, the bluetooth misbehaves! All you gets is:

(U guessed it right) SENDING FAILED!!


I tried sending mp3 files, photos, notes and what not! Everything fails!! The phone continues to receive files without a problem though. This is not something that’s life ‘n’ death for a phone but a bug is a bug! Bug find made by Mustafa.

The Buggy Browser: 

Another thing thats bugging me is the Safari Browser! In my personal opinion  after the new firmware it has become worse!

What I notice is that the browser has started crashing more! I’m visiting the same websites on the same edge connection and yet I’m getting more memory full errors and crashes! I’m positive usage from my side hasn’t changed, earlier I hardly ever had a memory full error on the websites I generally visit and almost never a browser crash! Now a couple of crashes, if not much more, a day seems to be the rule even when the phone is opening relatively simpler pages. (Wifi is not even in the equation here)

Also, at times while scrolling the screen now seems to lag a little, it has become jerky, unlike the smooth scroll it had earlier. The browser sometimes even gets stuck while the pages load. I move the cursor but it just stays there. Bad bad bad. Didn’t happen earlier!

One more thing, although it’s a well known issue but still, the browser won’t let us download files that the phone doesn’t support! Eg. .rar files. WTF! Now that’s a downgrade from even a S60 v2 phone which came bundled with Opera. Please change this Nokia!! I was hoping v.11 will fix this but NO!

The Browser still doesn’t have the ability to manually open webpages in a new window even though its mentioned in the User Manual supplied with the phone.

Nokia please brings out v. 12 with browser functionality at least restored to the original level and downloading support for all files irrespective of the fact whether the phone supports them!


Log Entries:

While on the issue of bugs, i thought i’d comment on another one that really bothers me. In the Logs, the calls have a seemingly default icon of the mobile. Eg. I have multiple entries under the same contact. If I call that person’s landline number or a mobile number i still get the mobile icon irrespective of the dialed number being stored in a particular category. Even S60 v2 phones displayed the landline or the mobile icon as the case was, so why doesn’t the N95 do the same???

All Files Option:

I just have one more to talk about. This might be on purpose but under the Gallery> All Files the phone doesn’t show music tracks! It might have been done to help speed up operations but then again it says ‘All Files’ and not something else!!

What do all of you think? Are there any others bugs that Nokia should be aware about? Do drop a comment!

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36 thoughts on “Weird N95 Bugs!”

  1. That is a good find, how the date separator can cause bluetooth to work work correctly.

    As it seems, it looks like the “beta” testers for this product did not test it throughly enough, or they did not give enough feed back prior to the official release of the N95. This is sad and disappointing, as I know, if I had the opportunity to get a proto N95, I would have put it through rigorous testing, and would have most likely found these faults.


  2. Completely agree with you my friend! N wouldn’t i give an arm for Beta Testing a Nokia Flagship! However to be fair to the beta testers, its surprising how even after it being out for two months and a new firmware the problem is still there!

  3. I am using web from my N95 a lot but i have not chrashed it totaly.
    (memory out of course when opening images…)
    If possible could you insert to here few addressess where you have mentioned problems…

  4. Like i said, the problem is very random mate. I’ve had crashes visiting the symbian-freak forum, while at allaboutsymbian, even as on as simple a page as google! What bothers me is that at that point i’m not even burdening the ram much!
    With the old firmware, if i had music player running and web along with it, once the ram would get stretched, it simply would say memory full, now there is a greater tendency to crash all together!

  5. Nope, my n95 doesnt have any such issues. I can get 1.5 days of battery life with using the phone effeciently. I listen to 6hrs of music + pics + gps + wifi, still get 1.5 days of battery.

    |\ |
    | \ /
    | \/ 95 roks!!

  6. Great if you, get such battery life. With my usage i hardly cross a day ever. Actually never! 🙂
    However, u might not have a problem with the browser, but the others are prevalent in all n95s! Just try the calling a stored landline number or changing the date separator and using bluetooth! U’ll see for yourself!

  7. Having just installed RoadSync thereby adding virtual Blackberry functionality to my N95, I decided it ws time to hook up a wireless keyboard. I had a Think Outside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth keyboard handy, but the on board keyboard function did not even appear to search. After much analysis I concluded something was wrong with the Bluetooth set up on the phone by trying the ‘send’ option under images and instantly getting the ‘sending failed’ message. Whereon I found this forum, and the date separator tip worked an absolute treat! I guess that’s what you get for being a power user. I imagine most people simply would not have bothered tweaking their date settings. I’m impressed that anyone would link this to screwing up the Bluetooth!
    RoadSync is the icing on the cake for this phone. I had genuinely forgotten just what a joy Simbian was, having been a Psion fanatic for many years. My only real gripe is the RAM.

  8. I am not able to connect using GPRS with my new N95. I took the phone to my carrier (Entel Movil – Bolivia) and they set it up. When I try to connect with Browser, I get the following message:

    Unable to connect
    Check connection settings.

    The settings are correct and the service working (I took my sim card and tried it with my old 7610 and GPRS worked smoothly), so the problem is some setting in the phone that I can’t identify, nor can my carrier, since my N95 is the first in Bolivia.
    My phone:
    Os. 11.0.026 (updated)
    I am using wlan at home to navigate, but can’t use GPRS at all. It has never worked since it arrived 2 weeks ago.

  9. I have a weirder problem: Although I have no problem using wifi at my home or office, I cannot connect to a public hotspot. Seems like the N95 won’t direct to the initial “sign on” page regardless if the hotspot is free or not. I carry my N800 to compare, and it has no problem. Wonder if my settings are not right?

  10. Can sum1 please explain to me the bug associated with landline calls made from the n95 as i’ve noticed when i’ve tried to call a landline, either connection refused or i’m cut off during a call? Does this happen to all n95’s? As yet i’ve not upgraded the firmware.

  11. Brian, to the best of my knowledge thats an isolated problem u’r facing. The only ,so to say, bug is in the display of landlines nos. but the calls work just fine.

    JN, may b be you can try resetting the phone, but somehow i have the feeling it wont help. However backing up and giving it a shot is worth the try.

  12. There are two ways mate, One is a soft reset which just changes user settings to default without chaging the files – *#7780#
    Hard Reset deletes are files on the phone memory – *#7370#

    Input these on the standby screen.

  13. hi there, does anyone knows how can I solve the problem for bluetooth sending error?
    my n95 cannot pair with any device, but other devices can pair to my n95, which means I can’t search a bluetooth devices while there’re few bluetooth activated devices around however, they are able to pair with me. The funny thing is here, the phones that paired with me are able to send files to me whereas I can’t send anything out, it just keep showing me ” sending failed ”

    could anyone helps me please?
    my firmware version is

    v 11.0.026
    Nokia N95 (12.01)

  14. Does anyone know how to turn off extremely annoying message asking to Upload to my album etc followed by the message telling me where the picture has been saved after taking a picture with the N95. Also when I have set the picture to be saved to an album it also sends the image to the gallery, when I delete the image from the gallery it also deletes it from the album, is this supposed to happen or am I being really dumb and missing the logic here?

    PS would like to say thanx for the posting on the bluetooth bug, it had been driving me nuts for days until I found this site.

  15. Linda, ur welcome. Yep, if you delete the image from the Album it’ll go completely and same for the gallery. The gallery will also display all images wherether or not they are in the album. The gallery implementation isnt great n such things can bug one at times.

  16. sumbody plz help im trying to get rid of the annoying icons off the main menu screen ive been told to go to tools-settings ect but when i go to tools there is no settings in there? plz help thanks

  17. I am trying to make video share work for N95. i have both (A & B) my phones registered to SIP server. VOIP works fine. When i call the B from A through gsm , i am unable to locate video share option. i have added the SIP uri as per the manual. On the same setup i am able to make video share using two 6680 but not through N95!!!. i have upgraded the firmware to 12.x with no sucess.

    Any Ideas??

    Thanks for the help

  18. had the problem with the bluetooth after updating the firmware. changed the date separator. it now works as it should. changed from (: to . )

  19. I have the same problem with my N95
    I’m trying to send to my mate’s D600 Samsung
    I’m wondering if the phones are incompatible or if my bluetooth has the same bug with the date seperator

    really appreciate if someone helped…

  20. “I have the same problem with my N95
    I’m trying to send to my mate’s D600 Samsung
    I’m wondering if the phones are incompatible or if my bluetooth has the same bug with the date seperator

    really appreciate if someone helped…”

    Im also having this problem

    I have a n95 that keeps driving me crazy with its I don’t even how to name them anymore. The latest newsfeed from my nokia is that when i receive a sms it does not make any sound and it does not appear at all. I need to go to the inbox and check it myself if i received or did not receive a sms. I did the master reset it did not help!!
    Please if somebody, anybody that might know something or how to fix it, somebody who could help me.. please I will be very gratefull

  22. im trying to open th egallery n it wont open, when i select gallery it opens then goes back to the main menu again whats wrong sum1 elp me plz

  23. Bluetooth “Sending failed” still, after firmware update to 15.0.015 with my N95 8 GB

    receiving files is working, but sending isn’t…thats annoying….

    the fix with the separator did not work!!

    Any help??

  24. Sorry, really basic question. I just got my N95 (with 1G Memory Card), tried to install iskoot, kept getting stuck at 31%. So, I installed it via the PC. Fine. Now tring to sign up for the account. Stuck again on “setting up acount “creando una cuenta”. Getting very frustrated and about to through said phone out of window. Please help!

  25. Hi, Make sure you have a clean copy of iskoot. Download again to make sure. Take out your mempry card. Next format your phone by keying in *#7370# in the standby menu. (This will delete everything on the phone memory so make sure you have a backup).

    Now install it in the phone memory (you could use the memory card too, but try not to). Proceed with the setup and it should work just fine.

    PS: Make sure you have the latest v21 firmware. You can check by pressing *#0000# in the standby screen.

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