Nokia Software Updater “Updated”

I don’t know if I missed it but didn’t see this posted anywhere else. I was updating a N81’s firmware yesterday and found out that the Nokia Software Updater has been updated to version 1.4.53 from the earlier 1.4.49.

I don’t know about the changes made in this update, but for those who want the latest software on their computers, time to go updating!


Nokia Chat, Map Loader Updated & Nokia Email Debutes On Beta Labs

The feature packed, presence enabled application called Nokia Chat that was released a few weeks ago has received an update, fixing a lot of small bugs. The report from the Beta Labs is that the new version contains fixes to voice message related malfunctions, connectivity related problems and that the battery life should get quite a boost. Also, errors while entering items into the Phonebook shouldn’t happen anymore.

The ability to open links from the chat conversation is now possible and for those of you using an E90, the enter-key can now be used for sending messages and there shouldn’t be a problem in rendering the friend list from now on. Download link.

The next big announcement today is that Nokia’s native push Email client that hopes to take on the likes of Blackberry has just reared its head on Beta Labs. The team behind the Email client is already open to suggestions and feature requests and the Beta Labs debut should take this one notch up. We can now expect a much more informed developmental phase. So if you already haven’t tried Nokia’s solution, the time is now. Be sure to provide feedback through comments, defect reports and suggestions regarding your experience with this service. I, for example would like a shorter retrieval internal of 15 minutes unlike the 30 minutes or complete push that is currently available.

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How To Move Your T9 Dictionary To Your New Phone

One of the major annoyances that people face when they move to a new phone or format it or flash a new firmware is the loss of the T9 customisation that they have accumulated over a period of time. Just today, Tim commented on the QWERTY v. T9 speed test rundown about the lack of such a feature and that got me thinking and brought me to this very simple solution.

It is indeed not only possible but also very easy to save/transfer the T9 customisation across S60 phones. All you need is a freeware like Y-Browser or any other file manager of your choosing. Step by step detail below.

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E71 v/s E90 v/s T9 – Which Is The Fastest?

E71 QWERTY v. E90 QWERTY v. T9

One of the reasons the E71 was so hotly anticipated was because it brought QWERTY back into the Eseries after quite a while, the last Eseries in the same form factor being the E61i. But because of its size, it created doubts in the minds of a lot of people about its real world usability. I have been a Nseries man for a long time and since it still offers no QWERTY, I became really proficient with T9 and never really felt the need for QWERTY. A few months ago I bought my first Eseries device, the E90 and still found myself using T9 on it more than the internal keyboard. It was just too wide for me, however with the E71 that changed. This in my opinion is the best form factor for a QWERTY device and when coupled with predictive text and auto correct, it makes for a deadly combo.

This post pits the E90 and a T9 based device, against the E71 and we try and find out which is the best text entry solution.

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Tip: Set A Default Access Point For Your Java Applications

When Psiloc Connect first came out, I thought of if as an unnecessary convenience. But the more I use it, the more I am begining to like it. I am constantly moving in and out of WiFi hotspots in college, at home and otherwise and the convenience of not having to select access points everytime is amazing. However, this post is about giving your Java applications such as Gmail and Opera Mini similar benefits and configuring a default access point so that you do not need to choose an access point everytime you use them. Screenshots and details below.

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The N96 To Start Shipping In October

The N96 Starts Shipping In October
The N96 Starts Shipping In October

The word on the street is that the latest Nseries flagship, the N96 will start shipping in October. Across UK the expected date of arrival is the 1st and 3, Carphone Warehouse, Orange, Phones4U, T-Mobile and Vodafone are expected to carry the phone. Also, keeping recent trends in mind, the device should be available across the world at approximately the same time. The N96, as you may recall is the 5 megapixel, dual LED touting, GPS & WiFi enabled, 16 GB holding, DVB-H enabled, TV out capable behmoht.

If the N96 has caught your fancy and you want to be one of the 96 people in the entire world to carry a special edition numbered N96 while also contributing to charity then head over to specially customised FaceTheTask website, The Symbian Blog style. Keep in mind, you will need to place the order while certain limited ‘windows’ are open and these only come along every so often. The good news is one such window is currently open! Hurry! I’ll update this post with the next one soon.

The Return Of The Open At Own Risk Saga

Ricky has the latest on the Open At Own Risk saga. It was weeks ago that the site started displaying the mocked up take down notice, but as of today the story had taken yet another turn and reared its head again. Across the world, the Download! application which is pre-installed in Nokia phones is holding the key to the secret. If you recall, the story goes that long long ago, a bunch of royal families got together to create a video and this video was supposed to be the weirdest thing ever created, and it actually ended up too weird to show anyone, so it was buried.

The Download! application contains a folder called ‘Secret’ which houses an application that can unlock the video and a wallpaper and a ringtone to go along with it. In order to open the application, a 4 digit code is required. This is probably based on the three historical events mentioned in the original teaser: Edison’s Lightbulb, the Wright Brothers’ plane, and Apollo 11. (I’m yet to try and figure this one out, anyone had any luck?) Screenshots and download links for the wallpaper and ringtone below for those of you who can’t find the Secret folder in the Download! application.

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