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Now A Malware For Series 60 Third Edition? Please Don’t Panic!

This is one disturbing piece of news. Reports on the internet suggest that as of today Series 60 Third Edition is no longer virus/malware free. The credit for taking away the virus free title goes to a software known as the “Isexplayer” which acts as a pornographic portal offering a myriad of “services”. Once the .sis file is installed, the software reportedly automatically dials a premium-rate international phone number without the owners’ knowledge.

The application during installation asks for the user’s permission to make calls and after that reportedly makes calls itself. Now that the news part is done, lets get into what is this all about. First up this might not be true at all and be just another rumour.

Second, even if it is true and such an application exists, it is impossible for you to get affected automatically. You will need to manually get hold of the application and then install it after going through the warnings. Third, only people with ‘hacked’ phones are at risk and that too if they choose to install. If you have no idea what ‘hacked phone’ means – you are completely safe. This application is unsigned and therefore cannot be directly installed on a normal S60.

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Nokia To Accquire Symbian & Set It Free

Nokia To Accquire Symbian & Then Set It Free

This is huge news. As you may already know Nokia currently holds the controlling interest in Symbian, however  not satisfied with that they are going to acquire a full 100%. The net cash outlay from Nokia to purchase the approximately 52% of Symbian Limited shares it does not already own will be approximately EUR 264 million.

But they don’t really want it for themselves but to create an open platform. In this direction, the Symbian Foundation, was announced today by Nokia, along with AT&T, LG Electronics, Motorola, NTT DOCOMO, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Vodafone. The foundation will unify Symbian, S60, UIQ and MOAP(S) software to create an open software platform for converged mobile devices, enabling the whole mobile ecosystem to accelerate innovation. This will make the platform code available to all for free, bringing additional innovation to the platform and engaging even a broader community in future developments.

All in all this is wonderful news for all Symbian fans but my guess is that it will have Google worried sick. After all S60 devices have been ruling the market for a long time now and the first Android device is yet to make an appearance. Everyone seemed to believe that the future is in open source, so Android will play a crucial role but with this announcement, Nokia has completely changed the ball game. Nokia press releases here and here.

Myths: Hacking & Viruses On S60

The Biggest Myth Of Them All

The above picture is from the Mobile Asia Mobile Expo held in New Delhi a little while back. While visiting I came across this stall I acted dumb and asked the sales guy why I needed the solution he was advertising. He started off with a questionnaire, Do I used Internet on my mobile? Do I install stuff? Do I keep bluetooth on? Hell, he asked me everything apart from whether or not I make calls with it. To each of those questions he said then I NEED their product because it gives me protection from 253(!) viruses and also has a firewall to ‘protect’ me when I use the Internet.

By this time I was disgusted and trying to imagine what would this ‘seemingly informed’ salesman with the names of Carib and Commwarrior up his sleeve do to the average S60 user out there?!! I asked him to take him to their top man and I handed over my N82 to him and asked if to infect it with one virus and I would leave the phone with him. Needless to say I still have the phone with me! This post focuses on the myth of mobile malware and the so called hacking of S60.

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Scribe – A S60 WordPress Client

Scribe Scribe

Jay Fenton has made a S60 WordPress Blogging Solution in the fastest time ever. He made this Python based client during the course of a chat with Ewan in just 60 minutes. He’s just released a very early Beta of the application which is now in an installable form and not a mere collection of scripts. That is awesome work. The client allows us to make posts, edit them and so on. There is support for adding image links, paragraphs, links to other websites etc. However doing all of this will requires some degree of HTML knowledge, thats a minus for a lot us but hey, the application was made in 60 minutes!

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(Pseudo) Push Gmail – Free

Pseudo Push Email Pseudo Push Email

Push Email according to Steve, “it seems is something every man and his dog wants, i.e. emails hitting your smartphone (with a beep) as soon as they’re received into your mailbox. In other words, you don’t have to wait the ten seconds or so to check your mail server when asking for your email in the ‘old fashioned’ way.”

A lot of power users noted when Gmail introduced IMAP support and have configured the native S60 client to automatically push our Gmail into our inboxes. However they are still a lot of people who haven’t worked all this out. Steve has been experimenting getting his GMail ‘pushed’ onto his S60 smartphone, for free. Jump over for the results, comments and relevant how-to details.

Mp3 Editor: Create Ringtones On The Phone Itself

 Mp3 Editor Mp3 Editor

I have just come across this great application that allows us to play with mp3’s on the phone itself. It allows you to cut them, join them and even edit their tags! Brilliant work!

To cut, just select the mp3 file, play it and press ‘5’ to start the mark and ‘5’ again where you want the selection to end. Thats it, choose options and press save. A new cut file will be made with the same bitrate and named “…lite” and placed a the same location as the original file. To join, just select all the tracks you want to use and then press cancel. The new file will be saved!

Its a nifty little utility, an almost must have because it also edits tags which the Music Player cannot!


Signing Files Made Easy!


Pasco brings new that OPDA the people who brought us Mobile Signer which allowed us to sign applications on the mobile itself have made another great application called DevReq that allows allows us to create a .csr file on the mobile itself. It can then be uploaded to symbian signed and used to create a .cer.

This means that now files can be signed without access to a PC! So all those of you travelling, without access to a PC, on a Mac rejoice!

Note: Just install all the files in order in the phone memory. The default browser won’t let you download a .cer or for that matter any extention that the phone doesn’t recognise. So use Opera.


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Having Fun With S60

 BT Info Salling Clicker

The thing I love about S60 devices is that they allow us to do so much more than the usual ‘features’ the phone ships with. I have been out of town for while now and have had quite a bit of fun bugging people and amazing them all with my N95 and three applications. I am sure most of you are aware of two of the three I am going to talk about in this post.

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Update v1.02: Flip Silent – Shut Up Functionality Today!

Flip Silent 

Another Update! Verison 1.03 is out!

Samir has been very busy with Nokmote and Rotate Me and therefore has had very little time to work on Shut Up the application that is based on the Touch UI demo, in which you just flip the phone to cut the call.

Tong Ren meanwhile has released his very own application called Flip Silent with the above functionality. It works well both with calls and alarms, with the alarm being snoozed and the caller getting a busy/unreachable signal.

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