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Leaked Images Of The N79 & Even More Pictures Of The N85

Today is one hell of a leaks day. The iPhone is being drowned by these images. After the N85 and the 5800 Tube, here comes the N79 not in one but two colour variants. Plus there are even more images on the N85 double slider. Details are thin on the N79 but might I say if this thing is really authentic, I am not really impressed. What do you think? More images of the N79 and N85 below.

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Leaked Images Of The First S60 Touch Device – Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800

It seems like someone is really in a mood to draw the spotlight away from the iPhone announcement by releasing unannounced Nokia/Nseries devices’ pictures. Hot on the heels of the possible N85 comes the 5800 that is code named the ‘Tube’, that is the first S60 Touch device from Nokia. It features a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a 3.5mm plug. What bothers me is the stylus, I don’t really like devices that need me to use them as there’s the fear of losing them plus is more cumbersome. I am hoping to be surprised! More pictures below.

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Possibly Leaked Images Of The N85

Possibly Leaked Images Of The N85

We’ve just hit upon a few images of what is rumoured to be the N85. As you can see the phone just carries a ‘N00’ marking but word has it that the N85 is up next without there being a N83 announcement. This is supposed to be the next generation of the N96, video focused, GPS, GeoTagging, the now usual Nseries feature set and based on S60 FP2 possibly. These pictures seem to be of an early early proto and seem authentic. Jump over for more.

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Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its ‘Phones’

Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its 'Phones'

The anxiety is over folks. Nokia has no plans to switch over to Linux as the OS for its phones. As you may be aware a few days back there were reports that Nokia was planning to shift to Linux for its lineup; these were caused when comments from Rick Simonson, Nokia’s Financial Director, that the mobile phone giant was “well on the way” towards using Linux on mobile phones were misinterpreted. The confusion came from the definition of a mobile phone, and what constitutes a phone handset. Nokia already uses Linux on its internet tablets (N800, N810) and is planning to expand that class into more feature-rich devices.

The N810 already features VoIP, including a Skype client, but so far those have only been usable when logged on to a WiFi hotspot. But in the US Nokia has announced and demonstrated a version of the N810 with WiMAX support, which will give it the always-on connectivity that traditionally defines a mobile phone.

Thats it, rest assured, Nokia’s class leading Nseries and Eseries devices will continue to run our favourite Symbian OS and this is no surprise considering how deeply is Nokia invested in S60. (Via: SF and The Register)

The N96 In White!

N96 - White

Bery from the SWB has found the N96 in white on the Nokia Europe website. White till now was an unknown variant but I must say it looks great, much better than the black. However as of now the White N96 has been removed again. Probably goes to show another incident of publishing unreleased products. Keep doing it Nokia we love it!

Generally Nokia releases a product, it sells like hot cakes and then after a while when the sales drop the release a Black version and the sales catapult gain. Well this time it seems, they are going white.

Edit: This was an April Fool post! I just founds out myself, thanks to Kirollous. I didn’t see through it as it was the 2nd of April!

Nokia Liam (E71) & Nokia Dora (E66?) Leaked

Nokia Liam

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This is a week of leaks, and the Boy Genius has the scoop of the year so far! He has published the entire vodafone lineup for 2008. It includes BlackBerrys, HP’s new Windows Mobile phones, the new Nokia Symbian devices, and even the new Palm devices! What is of importantance to me (us) are two Symbian Nokia devices, the Nokia Liam and Dora both Eseries.

Nokia Dora

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The specs for both devices are good and the E65 successor, Dora looks much more beautiful than its successor. Can’t wait for the official announcement. CES?