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Nokia Pilots Makes Me Jump With Joy

When word of the Nokia Pilots program first came out, I skipped writing about it for the simple reason that we didn’t know what it was going to be. Was it merely going to be access to alpha applications or was it going to be much more, the stuff of our dreams?

But having read this post by Mikko Lintunen of Nokia Pilots on the Beta Labs pages, I write this post as a Nokia fanboy who’s long time dream has just come true. Nokia Pilots is going to be big, selected ‘Pilots’ will have access to the latest concept devices that may only exist as protypes as well as trialling latest services and software. Stuff, that has NOT been publicly announced.

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The Nokia Hands Free Challenge

A few days ago Nokia announced the Hands Free Challenge where you can win a N82 and a Nokia BH-902 bluetooth headset each week. The challenge itself is to find out what people can do with their hands when they’re left to roam free, and ties in with Nokia’s range of Bluetooth headsets.

To win, all you need to do is upload a video demonstrating what you would do with your hands and hope that it becomes the most popular video of the week. I meanwhile will try and figure out what to base my video on!

Native Push Email For Everyone

screenshot0059 - Share on Ovi

These days almost everyone, even non corporates feel the need for ‘push email’ – email sent straight into their inboxes and Nokia seems to be aware of this. Pursuant to this Nokia has launched a new beta service called Nokia Email which is the mail for exchange equivalent for those out of the corporate world. So basically if you have a IMAP or POP email provider such as GMAIL, you can have push email for free.

The service is still in beta and for now the list of compatible devices includes Nokia E51, E61, E61i, E65, E66, E71, E90, N73, N80, N81 8GB and the N95, looks like FP2 devices are out of the loop so far. All you need to do in order to get this setup is sign up on the Nokia Email website and get the download link sent to your mobile phone. Once you do that, installation and setup on the phone is a piece of cake. There are options to set the sync interval, whether you want it active while roaming and so on. The UI of the application is nice and feels FP2.

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Nokia’s Comes With Music Progresses, But Are You Interested?

Nokia's Comes With Music Progresses, Are You Interested?

To give you a little background, Nokia announced an ambitious service called ‘Comes With Music’ a while ago at the Nokia World event in 2007. The core objective of the service is to let a consumer buy a Nokia device along with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks across all major labels. There is no catch as such, only that the tracks are DRM’d, but you can keep downloading as many as you want for one year. The cost of the service will be bundled into the price of the handset at about an extra US$20 per phone for the one year subscription, even after the year ends you get to keep the tracks.

Since that day Nokia is trying to get each and every record label onto their bandwagon, the good news that after Sony BMG and Universal, the Warner Music Group has become the third major label to open its catalogue for Nokia’s yet to be launched music service. Reports suggest a deal with the last of the four major labels, EMI, is imminent, so Nokia looks set to launch this service in the second half of 2008.

Now my question is how much of an attraction would it be for the end users? I personally am pretty skeptical. The service basically helps you download music on the go, but isn’t that something we’ve already been doing for a while now? With the very capable S60 browser and before that Opera and also with P2P clients such as Symella. There are hundreds of places that offer directly downloadable music for free, what will induce people to give that up and start paying? The idea clearly is to get them hooked to the ‘ease’ and ‘convenience’ of it all and then hope for the best.

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Pre Sales Review Of The BH-703

BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi

I am not a very bluetooth headset person. Infact till about a year back I won’t have even considered wearing one. But with time, thankfully they have become much better looking, slim, sleek and wearable. Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I was able to get my hands the BH-703, one of the best looking headsets in the market today. I have been using it for a few days now and in this post I try and bring you my thoughts on it.

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Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its ‘Phones’

Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its 'Phones'

The anxiety is over folks. Nokia has no plans to switch over to Linux as the OS for its phones. As you may be aware a few days back there were reports that Nokia was planning to shift to Linux for its lineup; these were caused when comments from Rick Simonson, Nokia’s Financial Director, that the mobile phone giant was “well on the way” towards using Linux on mobile phones were misinterpreted. The confusion came from the definition of a mobile phone, and what constitutes a phone handset. Nokia already uses Linux on its internet tablets (N800, N810) and is planning to expand that class into more feature-rich devices.

The N810 already features VoIP, including a Skype client, but so far those have only been usable when logged on to a WiFi hotspot. But in the US Nokia has announced and demonstrated a version of the N810 with WiMAX support, which will give it the always-on connectivity that traditionally defines a mobile phone.

Thats it, rest assured, Nokia’s class leading Nseries and Eseries devices will continue to run our favourite Symbian OS and this is no surprise considering how deeply is Nokia invested in S60. (Via: SF and The Register)