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N96 Launched in India!

I just just read it on the Tech2 site that the Nokia N96 has been launched in India today and its expected to cost about INR 36000/-

The handset will come preloaded with WaveSecure and will also include free Bollywood movie “Om Shanti Om”. The hanset will also come with bundled music and videos as usual. The Gamers will get a free license for Asphalt Urban 3rd Edition. The device will also have preloaded maps for India, Singapore and UAE and 3 months’ navigation license for 8 Indian cities.

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The N96 To Start Shipping In October

The N96 Starts Shipping In October
The N96 Starts Shipping In October

The word on the street is that the latest Nseries flagship, the N96 will start shipping in October. Across UK the expected date of arrival is the 1st and 3, Carphone Warehouse, Orange, Phones4U, T-Mobile and Vodafone are expected to carry the phone. Also, keeping recent trends in mind, the device should be available across the world at approximately the same time. The N96, as you may recall is the 5 megapixel, dual LED touting, GPS & WiFi enabled, 16 GB holding, DVB-H enabled, TV out capable behmoht.

If the N96 has caught your fancy and you want to be one of the 96 people in the entire world to carry a special edition numbered N96 while also contributing to charity then head over to specially customised FaceTheTask website, The Symbian Blog style. Keep in mind, you will need to place the order while certain limited ‘windows’ are open and these only come along every so often. The good news is one such window is currently open! Hurry! I’ll update this post with the next one soon.

Secret – Face The Task

A few days ago I wrote about FaceTheTask, a Nokia initiative that allows you to pre-order a limited edition ‘numbered’ N96 and the proceeds out of which go for charity. However, it is not as simple as it seems. To be one of the 96 people in the world to own a special N96, you will need to place the order while certain limited ‘windows’ are open and these only come along every so often. This is where this post comes in.

Here’s a tip for those of you who’r keen on picking one up, the 3rd opportunity for you to get your hands on the special edition of the device is at 14.33 CET tomorrow (Wednesday). There you go, you have been told! The cat’s out of the bag… go pick it up!

Get Yourself A Special Edition – Numbered N96

Get Yourself A Special Edition - Numbered N96

I’ve got some ultra cool news for all those of you who are anxiously waiting for the N96. If you want to be amongst the first to get their hands on the N96, Nokia are going to be releasing 96 individually numbered, special edition handsets at the end of this week! (Friday, 11am CET to be precise – iPhone anyone?)

To be in with a chance of getting one of the special editions you’ll need to wait for the ‘shop window’ to be open on (Click ‘Get The Nokia N96’ / ‘Get The Box’); keep in mind they will only be 96 of these throught the world. But don’t worry though, there’s a timer to let you know when the next chance is.

To make things even more special, proceeds from all sales of the N96 bought this way will also be donated to charity. However, do keep in mind that the N96 itself will only be delivered once the device is available in each country, though pre-orders will of course receive the first shipment of the device. So you might still not be the first to get it, but you certainly will have an exclusive N96 this way!

Talking Design With The N96 & N78 Creators

Nokia Conversations caught up with Danial Dhondt, designer of the upcoming N96 and Joeske Schellen, designer of the soon-to-launch N78. In this series of two videos, they chat about the collaborative process of designing Nokia devices and what goes into giving a phone a sense of identity.

In the second video, they talk about the role of sustainability in design and how the smallest design details can often be the most significant ones. (Video after the break)

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The N96 In White!

N96 - White

Bery from the SWB has found the N96 in white on the Nokia Europe website. White till now was an unknown variant but I must say it looks great, much better than the black. However as of now the White N96 has been removed again. Probably goes to show another incident of publishing unreleased products. Keep doing it Nokia we love it!

Generally Nokia releases a product, it sells like hot cakes and then after a while when the sales drop the release a Black version and the sales catapult gain. Well this time it seems, they are going white.

Edit: This was an April Fool post! I just founds out myself, thanks to Kirollous. I didn’t see through it as it was the 2nd of April!

No Rumour This: The N96 Gets An Overhaul!

 N96 Gets An Overhaul!

There has been word going the blogosphere that the N96 is in fact going to get a xenon flash instead of the dual LED’s. This has been picked up by Intomobile, The Nokia BlogEngadget Mobile, SymbianWebBlog and numerous others. I am glad to say that I can confirm this after receiving confirmation from trusted sources. But contrary to popular opinion the LED’s are also going to stay to assist in video capture. The N96 is finally a worthy N9x device!

Also, when the N96 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, it was slated to have a 950 mAh battery, however that is changing too. The revamped version of the next flagship will come with a 1200 mAh one instead. Apparently Nokia has finally got the message that not only is xenon is the way to go, they also need to give the phone enough juice to run and with the internal reorganisation to put in the flash, Nokia’s engineers have found a way to accomodate the slightly bigger battery.

The N96 since the announcement wasn’t turning many heads due to a seemingly poor battery and lack of a xenon flash which after N82’s huge success seems a necessity. The Finish giant obviously didn’t want to release a handset that was sure to bomb and hence the last minute modifications.

Picture proof after the break.

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