Tip: Set A Default Access Point For Your Java Applications

When Psiloc Connect first came out, I thought of if as an unnecessary convenience. But the more I use it, the more I am begining to like it. I am constantly moving in and out of WiFi hotspots in college, at home and otherwise and the convenience of not having to select access points everytime is amazing. However, this post is about giving your Java applications such as Gmail and Opera Mini similar benefits and configuring a default access point so that you do not need to choose an access point everytime you use them. Screenshots and details below.

1. Open the Application manager.

2. Navigate to Gmail and hit the D pad. Select Open.

3. Select the default access point option and select one of your choice.

4. For good measure, also navigate to Connectivity and select ‘Always Allowed’.

5. From now on when you launch Gmail, you will only have to select yes once and the second screen for access point selection will be history.

The same procedure is valid for Opera Mini and any other Java application that you may be using.


4 thoughts on “Tip: Set A Default Access Point For Your Java Applications”

  1. but what if I want to run gmail when I am in my university’s network while it is defaulted at my home’s wlan?

  2. Hm, on newer phones there is no program manager (app manager) anymore – only a similiar entry in “settings”. But there is no list of installed programs available, only the standard-setting to set the permission to install signed/unsigned applications.

    Where can i change the setting on a Nokia E71 or similiar phones?

  3. Sorry, in fact there is a second app manager (Programm Manager) on my phone. It is to be found in “installations”. Sorry for asking.

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