Native Push Email For Everyone

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These days almost everyone, even non corporates feel the need for ‘push email’ – email sent straight into their inboxes and Nokia seems to be aware of this. Pursuant to this Nokia has launched a new beta service called Nokia Email which is the mail for exchange equivalent for those out of the corporate world. So basically if you have a IMAP or POP email provider such as GMAIL, you can have push email for free.

The service is still in beta and for now the list of compatible devices includes Nokia E51, E61, E61i, E65, E66, E71, E90, N73, N80, N81 8GB and the N95, looks like FP2 devices are out of the loop so far. All you need to do in order to get this setup is sign up on the Nokia Email website and get the download link sent to your mobile phone. Once you do that, installation and setup on the phone is a piece of cake. There are options to set the sync interval, whether you want it active while roaming and so on. The UI of the application is nice and feels FP2.

Attchment Support

The good news is that attachment download and upload is included and we can choose whether they would be pulled automatically and further specify which file types should be.

I’m am just begining to try it out and seem to like it. In order to try it yourself register here and proceed from there. You can also meanwhile check out the FAQ page in you are new to push email or even otherwise. Darla has given it a run and posted a few screenshots too, read on for her thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Native Push Email For Everyone”

  1. Hey,

    I have installed the app on my N95-3 and everything seems fine, minus the fact that it actually does not sync with my gmail account. Did I miss something? Let me know since you have been sucesfull in implementing this and it works thanks


  2. The service is one thing that was missing…the phones are now complete…!!!

    what abiut the N82…???
    its not in the list…!!!

  3. I’ve got my Gmail account running, I’ve also encountered those errors at times however it works, but takes a long time to sync.. I’ve set retreival duration to an hour.

  4. hey vaibhav…

    is there anyway i can stop it from autostarting at bootup.. its so annoying and time consuming… i dont find anything in the settings.. if there is no soln then i might move onto some other mail client like the normal gmail app..

  5. is this not automated pull rather than push (i.e. you have to set an interval to check for mails). what’s the differenece between this and the client that has been on nokia symbian phones for years (e.g. my old N80)

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