Running Google’s Android On A N95

This one hit me completely out of the blue. Apparently a chap named Jovan has managed to get Android up and running on a Nokia N95. Yes, the same Nokia N95 that runs the S60 operating system. He claims to now have a dual boot between Andriod and S60. He backs up this claim by the video above and another one below, with which he demoes Google Maps and the Dialer. After playing with this setup he says, “My impressions after using it are all positive, its much faster than Symbian, looks better, thought some functions still dont work, and the 3D engine is slow and lags”.

First of all, congratulations on the mod. However I don’t really know how I feel, its great to see so much control in the user’s hands but S60 is an OS that I love and anything that displaces it, well..

The second video after the break.

Do keep in mind all of this might be fake, but if its not, what do you think? Will you like to have a Andriod powered N95?

Via: Engadget


10 thoughts on “Running Google’s Android On A N95”

  1. Absofuknlutely Crazy,

    This thing came out straight from my dreams and right into my RSS reader.

    Though it’s too detailed to be dismissed as fake, I would’ve loved to see if the user is actually pressing buttons or just playing a full screen video on the inbuilt real player.

  2. Am yet to test the applications that i created on mobiles… have done them on the emulator though… this blog boosts my confidence… good work 😛

  3. Wow, i never thought the Symbian Platform’s “Open to anything” could go this far. Amazingly good job. Would love to see this be publicly available.

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