All Regional Variants Of N78 Will NOT Have An FM Transmitter

All Regional Variants Of N78 Will Not Have An FM Transmitter

The N78 started shipping in India a little while ago and I was able to get hold of one for a brief period. I was keen to try out the FM Transmitter as thats one of the things the N78 brings for the first time in any Nseries device. But to my dismay I simply could not find the option, I figured there was probably something wrong with my handset but today Arvind, a eagle eyed reader who has the same problem left a comment wondering why his bought in India N78, didn’t have a transmitter too.

Following up, he points us to a Nokia Page which tells you whether the N78 being sold in your country will have the transmitter or not. Fortunately, most governments are sane and have permitted its use, but if you are in France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland or Italy don’t buy the N78 because of this feature, you won’t find it! Its best to check before you take the plunge. Or hit up online retailers and get yourself a N78 from another country, there won’t be any warranty though and the FM transmitter use might still be illegal!

Update: May be flashing with another region’s product code might help if all N78’s have the same hardware. Can someone share a product code that supports the transmitter?


18 thoughts on “All Regional Variants Of N78 Will NOT Have An FM Transmitter”

  1. I think you just need to change the country of your device. This can be done in Time Zone I guess. Check and tell us what happened. Because I believe that all they build is a single N78 version and not country specific and hence all should have the transmitter inside.

  2. that would be a great shortcut. unfortunateley I have tried it and it doesn’t work. so, timezones is a NoFix 😦

  3. balkans code 564477 does not support thr FM transmiter… I tried with a few other codes and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it running 😦 if anyone has any possible solutions, pls write to


  4. Try changing the product code to 0566375 via NSS then reflash the firmware. Please do this at your own risk! 😉

    The N78 shows the transmitter with the above product code.

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  6. Can someone write me the page where I can find all the product code to make the change in a NOKIA N78.
    Writing from Spain…
    Many thanks, in advance


    Do you know if the code 0566375 is valid in Spain??
    If not, do you know where can I see all product codes list??


  8. TO: Vaibhav Sharma

    The thing is that I don’t want to have all the announcements that the telephone company (Movistar) has installed in the phone. And I want the product code to get rid of all the publicity.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me.

    Thank you.

  9. TO: Vaibhav Sharma

    I want to update the firmware to an original Nokia version (without the network items) through the NSU (Nokia Software Update).

  10. Is this product code that you are giving me valid for Spain? Is it the EURO 1 the one that is usually valir for Spain to take the language in Spanish

  11. That part I’m not sure of. All I can say is that it has English for sure. I have no clue about a Spain specific product code. You might want to cheack out a sim free N78 sold near out and note the product code under the battery.

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