The N95 Does Have Gaming Keys!

The N95 Does Have Gaming Keys

Its true folks. Like its upcoming sibling, the N96 and the already available N81, the N95 too has gaming keys. Running the latest firmware and the N-Gage client, not only does the N95 do 270 degree rotation but also allows the middle two multimedia keys to be used as key A and B for gaming. The folks at AAS have put up a small video demonstrating the same, check it out.

This comes after a lot of confusion about this possibility and a lot of people wishing that such a thing was implemented, since the day the N95 came out. If this has skipped your attention as it had mine, (I’m not much of a gamer, anyway) well now you know!


9 thoughts on “The N95 Does Have Gaming Keys!”

  1. i didnt mean to press submit so fast… my browser is screwy.

    Anyway, congratulations on discovvering it, i’m sure you’re enjoying the N-gage experience much more than before.

    One thing i notice is that on my N95-1, the buttons are a little stiff (even after i sent them to NSC for a replacement recently). Making my fingers and wrists a littel sore after gming for too long. I guess Nokia didnt really give console-like gaming comfort much tought into their design.

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