New E51 Firmware v200.34.36 Out

Wow! Nokia is really turning it on these past few days. After updates for the N95-3, N95-4 and the E61i, the E51 is the latest to have got this blessing. This update takes the firmware on the E51 up from v100.34.30 to v200.34.36. The firmware is still not available across all product codes, 0546184 seems to have it. Sadly, few details are available as to the improvements, there are no ground breaking additions though (No FL3). It also prevents ROM modding, if you care.

In case you are running Vista and want to upgrade, just hit Properties on the NSU, in the Compatability tab select XP SP2 and the software should work just fine from there on, allowing you to update.


18 thoughts on “New E51 Firmware v200.34.36 Out”

  1. I got an E51 with firmware version 100.x.x and when i go online it does not show the 200.x version. My phone was also purchased from India. Is there any particular reason for the control of the firmware only for selected countries? as the phone is supposed to the same with no regional differences.

  2. The firmware availiablity depends on the product code. Generally phones bought in India tend to get firmwares a little for whatever reason. You can wait or change the product code and update. However there is nothing groundbreaking in the firmware.

  3. i’ve tried to install this update and it crashed my laptop 3 times!!! how come?
    i have an e51(16.1). i ran it using winXP. i have version 100.34.20 RM-244

  4. Hello, I have firmware 100.59.38 in my E51. Unfortunately it does not
    support the 4GB card. Do you know if the new v200.34.36 fix this bug?

    thanks JOE

  5. Hi Ars,

    I have same problem whit my E51 and laptop. But I manage to update. Also backup what I make before updating it not working.

    Now I have only one mount old messages and addreses in my phone. Bad luck


  6. Hi Vaibhav,
    Listed below are three different product codes that I have found for Nokia E51.All I wanna know is if the different product codes refer to different regions where Nokia sells its phones….

    Latest available software for Nokia E51, product code 0557239
    Version: 150.34.15———Nokia India Website

    Latest available software for Nokia E51, product code 0557937
    Version: 200.34.36———Nokia India Website

    Latest available software for Nokia E51, product code 0546184
    Version: 200.34.36———Nokia India Website

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