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Official S60 Themes \'My S60\' - Themes

Have you registered at the S60 site? If you haven’t you should! In addition to the usual benefits like getting 25% off on all Nokia Software Market software and getting to make application wishes, there are nice free S60 themes up for download, including two ‘My S60’ themes – one in white and one in blue, available both for S60 v2 and v3 handsets. The White S60 is a theme I absolutely love and was looking for!

'My S60' - Themes

Although in the supported handsets list, for some themes, phones such as N82 & N95 are not there, the themes work well if you download the version for any other 3rd Edition handset. Whats more they look good on the E90 too.

My Exclusives

To grab these and the other themes, plus applications such as Call Filter, Music Box, PhotoLocker, SMS Export and Clock Screensaver, just register and go here.


3 thoughts on “Themes From”

  1. Hello. Can you send me those 2 beautiful themes in my email? As i cannot download them in the site. Thank you so much. God bless.

  2. You can download the white from my right sidebar by clicking on the My Current Theme image. The blue theme is also hosted on Mosh somewhere, if you can’t find it, let me know, I’ll mail it across!

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