Guardian Licence Winners & A Discount

Guardian Licence Winners & A Discount

Its time for congratulations and consolations! Its past midnight GMT and the entries are in. A huge thank you, to all of you for taking part. In total we had 43 entries and its time to announce the winners! Each comment was assigned a number and the winners were chosen by generating 5 random numbers from Random.Org. The first two people win a Platinum licence and its Gold for the other three. Congratulations!

Read on for the results!

Guardian Winners!

2 – Arjun Parsi

20 – Seher

13 – Hallux

16 – Aatif

8- Roberto

A big congratulations to all of you, I will be contacting you shortly. Here’s to a safer smartphone! πŸ˜‰

For the rest of you, who weren’t that lucky we still have the special ‘The Symbian Blog‘ 30% discount (valid till 15 May) that brings the price of the Platinum down to 20.99$ and Gold to 13.29$, quite a deal for such a wonderful piece of software. Use this link to grab it now!

Thanks Marco once more!


8 thoughts on “Guardian Licence Winners & A Discount”

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