Geo-Tagging In Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go

GeoTagging On Share On Ovi Is Finally A Go!

We have just had official word from the Share on Ovi Blog that things have been worked out and Geo-tagging is a complete go. SoO (Share on Ovi) will now will recognize if GPS information has been embedded in the photo and if so, will display a map of where the photo was taken. Previously we were left to try and input location information ourselves, I’m glad that almost useless ordeal, is over. I am beginning to like this service more and more and if they can keep on improving, it’ll really be wonderful.

Photos taken using Location Tagger or with phones such as N82/N78 that have Geo-tagging capabilities inbuilt contain location data in the EXIF headers and such pictures will now be displayed with a relevant map. For those pictures that lack such data, we will still be able to add location information.

On another note, there are two things I’d like to have in SoO:

– Ability to open Images in a new window; makes for much easier browsing.

– A decent desktop uploader that can preferably give me a right click ‘Send To’ option.

The SoO team is looking for feedback, so if have have any issues or suggestions, drop them a line.


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