Nokia N78 Unboxing

Neil over on iGadget Life has just received a pre production Nokia N78 and has put up an unboxing video and pictures for us to enjoy. In the video, he goes through the new Photos application & the FM transmitter amongst other things and we get a glimpse of how the transitions in FP2 devices work.

If you recall the N78 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which I was fortunate to attend and therefore was able to have a brief play with the device and here are my thoughts.

Jump over to Neil for pictures and more.

While still on the topic of the N78,  the Nseries Workshop has put up a detailed tutorial on the N78’s FM transmitter, worth a read.

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10 thoughts on “Nokia N78 Unboxing”

  1. Thank you for the reply. Please don’t consider this an abuse, but I would like to ask you one advice: To use as my weekend and sports phone which do you consider the best, N95 8Gb, N82 or N78? (I have a E90 for work and actually a N73 for sports…)

  2. Again, thank you for the reply…

    There is one thing that makes me think about N78 instead of N82, is fp2… Isn’t this a big change that worth a second though when we compare this two phones?

  3. Well not really. FP2 will have fancier UI, ability to download any file with the browser and some other improvements.

    However, FP2 alone cannot match the N82 on specifications, so IMO N82 still wins. We’ll know for sure when FP2 becomes widely available.

  4. Ok! I think I’ll follow your advice…

    Nokia, send me a N82 to replace my old, but great N73!!!

    Thank you for your advice, and sorry for the monopoly of the comments…

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