NSU Support On Vista Temporarily Gone

AAS reports that Nokia has temporarily removed Windows Vista from the compatibility list for the Nokia Software Updater. My reaction? Its about time they did that. A lot of us have been having trouble updating our devices on a Vista machine. I almost bricked my E90, fortunately things worked out after a little hit and trial and the same Vista machine made it work. Here’s the error people generally get, infact Antony had written about it earlier.


For someone new to S60 and Firmware upgrades such ‘not so pleasant experiences’ would go a long way in making them not trust their Nokia devices and PC applications. However, what is good to see is that Nokia has taken notice and are acting on it.

I’m sure the support will be back soon, till then we wait; and yes, look for XP machines!

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4 thoughts on “NSU Support On Vista Temporarily Gone”

  1. I’ve encountered this problem recently – I run Vista, I get the Service Layer Host bug whenever I upgrade firmware.

    However I have found a workaround (can’t remember where I found it – it’s online somewhere) Can explain if you don’t know?

  2. Which one are you referring to? The one which uses the Task Manger to kill the NSU first, then restart and then ignore something it tells you to do? I do not exactly recall though!

  3. I had the same on Vista when upgrading my N95 8GB.. this is exactly what you do:

    – End the NSU client from task manager.
    – Run the NSU client again and it will tell you that a last upgrade failed, click retry.
    – It will attempt to upgrade again and WILL complete.

    It is sure to work as I upgraded 3 N95 8GB’s with the above method.

  4. Yea Vajid is right…but a word of caution that needs a mention here…do not disconnect the phone from the PC during the process,ul brick it!…the N95 8GB will have a white screen after the error but it upgrades just fine if done as above…

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