Freeware: JBAK DEdit – A Great Text Editor


I just came across this great freeware text editor called DEdit by Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK, the same man who brought us JBAK Taskman. This is perhaps the best text editor available for S60 today and offers some remarkable features such as find and replace and the ability to edit more than one file at once. It also allows us to save texts with almost any type of character encoding, highlight the line in which we are editing, configure the appearance and font of the editor and so on. DEdit also includes the ability to select various types of text, bookmarks and other advanced features that I myself am discovering. As a handy feature it also remembers a history of used files.

More details and screenshots after the break.

Feature Set:

  • History of 20 last open files.
  • Integrated simple file manager, which helps you to open and save files.
  • A lot hotkeys, designed for using with one hand.
  • Advanced selection and movement operations.
  • Support of many encodings, including system encoding plugins(.cpl).
  • Search and replace in text, with history of user searches.
  • Can remember last positions of edited documents.
  • Remember user defined text positions (Bookmarks), 20 for each edited document.
  • Show one-based string and symbol position of cursor.



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10 thoughts on “Freeware: JBAK DEdit – A Great Text Editor”

  1. # Vaibhav Sharma Says:
    May 6, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    Yep i’m afraid this version is 3rd edition only.

    hey thats not true.
    this software has been out for atleast six months.
    i remember using it on my 6630.
    theres definetely a s60 2nd edition version of this

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