Surprise: The E90 Music Quality

The E90 Audio Quality

This is one huge surprise for me. When I bought the E90 I thought to myself that I would have to make a compromise on music and camera capabilities. Turns out – I was wrong! The E90 packs great music playing abilities but it is as if Nokia is trying to keep them in the shade. All we hear about the Eseries is business devices, business devices, business devices. Even businessmen have lives in the evening, even they have holidays its time to stop hiding things Nokia (Accelerometer ring any bells?).

The reason I say hiding is that the headphones that come with this devices are disgusting to listen to music with. The day I bought it, I tried them and since that day they have not left their box. Second, Nokia does not ship a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with the E90 which is  a 800$ phone. But guess what, the adapter comes with the 5300 which costs just about 130$. What is the logic behind that? I fail to understand.

The Adapter

This is the small piece of equipment that changes everything for the E90. I was able to snag one off a friend (they don’t seem to be available separately in the market in the region I live) and it worked wonders for me. I plugged in the standard iPod headphones, tweaked the equalizer a little to my liking and the music was beautiful. The E90 seems to be a very powerful device with the headphones almost giving way at full volume. The phone is LOUD. Much louder than the N95 series or the N82. It comes very close to the N91 level or may be even touches it.

Tweaked Equiliser

The quality is even better with Nokia’s own HS-28 headphones that are sold with the music edition phones, they originally debuted with the N91 but now seem to have vanished.

HS-28 Headphones

The Music Player might suffer on the software side a little bit. There is no inbuilt Podcast support, no ability to edit ID3 tags. I personally like podcasts as a separate application and ID3 tag editing on the Nseries also is a joke. One refresh and all the changes disappear. That needs to be worked on, we need real editing not some pseudo temporary file that stores changes. So that brings us pretty much level.

To conclude, I’d say the E90 is a great music phone once you overcome the 2.5mm jack (if you can’t find one, I’d recommend making one, its not tough). It will with a good pair of headphones beat most high end Nseries devices, even if they used the same headphones. Yes, its that good.

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7 thoughts on “Surprise: The E90 Music Quality”

  1. nice post. N i juss want to share another thing to overcome 2.5mm jack problem. When i used to have e90. I was satisfied with its built in speaker and sound quality, but drawback of headset jack prob was done, by, i took its own headphone included in package, and took the loopset of n73, to a computer engineer at a near computer shop, he juss took 50 rs and entered a joint in both cables. Well i think, e90 is a partial combination of n-series n e-series.

  2. i say it again…that e90 itself is class apart…but if we could have the internal screen to be a touchscreen then..the phone would be unbeatable!!!

  3. e90 is one phone which has made me drool for quite some time now and i really dont understand y nokia is playing games with not including a standard 3.5 mm jack in all its symbian editions its a serious advice through u vaibhav nokia should work towards that and ya i still love the bloody e90 some body wanna finance it for me pls lol 🙂

  4. Shehroz, thats what I meant to making your own adapter.

    Ish Puneet, thats SURELY something to think about! 😉

    Sehaj, it seems Nokia is putting a 3.5mm jack on most newer high end S60 devices but for the Eseries which need it too! We can only hope!

  5. comparable to n91 ???????????

    cant believe that at all

    but if its true its reallllllllllly strange
    coz ur the first person to say tat

    neway any idea about the model number of that adapter ?

  6. Unfortunately the E90’s Music Player’s Active Standby plugin doesn’t support additional shortcuts that other phones do (e.g., my N80), such as keypad 4, 5, and 6 to navigate between tracks. Having to switch back to the Music Player application to skip tracks is very inconvenient, but then again it’s a business phone 😉

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