Wanted In S60: USB Reading Capabilities

USB Reading Capabilities

I happen to play around with a lot of S60 devices most of the time and generally show them around to friends and give them the juice on each device. This is good, that is good, this is bad and so on. Now a lot of times when I’m playing with a really high end Nseries I speak to them about how I did get it to control my computer, the TV, browse the web, email, brilliant camera, TV out, GPS and after I end they are impressed of course; but after all of that I have had a lot of friends ask me this – can it read a USB/Pen/Thumb drive?

I do not know how this question comes up, but it does. May be its because these devices are doing so many things that a computer can so people tend to think, well, hold on, may be it can do that too?! Till a few days ago, I didn’t think much of it and generally thought it was a case of much easier said than done and it’ll be ages till we would see something like that happen.

But not very long ago Thoughtfix on the TabletBlog wrote about the N810 acting as a USB host with a brilliantly small application. 

“The application is simple: Three buttons on the bottom allow you to select host mode, OTG mode, and (the default) Peripheral mode. OTG mode is for cameras and related devices supporting that protocol. Peripheral mode turns your tablet into a card reader to look at the internal and card storage. Host mode allows other devices (such as flash drives and keyboards) to be connected.”

Point is N810 could do it and this ability was probably taken mainstream by that application. I personally would have been happy if it could just read a Flash drive for me but guess what you can even plugin your USB keyboard and make it work with the tablet, no more of those smallish bluetooth keyboards in case you wanted something else. Brilliant.

Now I want my device S60 to do the same, it would certainly be worthy of the ‘multimedia computer’ tag Nokia gives to its devices. I’m sure they can do it if they want or may be even some brialliant 3rd party developer could. This is where I hate the fact that I know nothing about programming. Can it be done for existing devices? They can read memory cards so my guess is that the ability is there, question is who can/will extend it?

What do you think? Is this something you would like to have in your Nseries/Eseries?

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8 thoughts on “Wanted In S60: USB Reading Capabilities”

  1. Surely…the package would be complete…!!!

    Some people like you would just leave their laptop aside…but haven’t you already…???

  2. For sure, this is something me and a couple mates have discussed before, exactly this thing, “mobile computers’ they aren’t, as you can plug nothing into it.

    One of my work colleagues has a something brand pmp, which has an adapter that plugs into its (usb?) comm port, that has a usb plug on it, and can copy things from my usb stick to his device thru a file manager.

    Would assume you would need an adapter as well as the corresponding sofware (one day firmware update?) to play nice with the extra drive, in such a way that built in AND 3rd party browsers would find it.

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