Software For Your S60 Thats Worth Paying For

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The best part about S60 based phones is that we can continue to add applications and features even after the phone has left the manufacturer. Another good thing is that a lot of it is free, however there are applications which are not. A few days ago, the All About Symbian team including Rafe, Ewan, Steve, Asri and Julie made their picks about software, which according to them is truly worth paying for. It covers software ranging from productivity to utility, both S60 and UIQ, a must read. There are a lot of applications that I use on my phone that I personally installed and am really happy with but if I were to choose three they’d be (in no particular order):

  • Core Player – For letting me drop in almost anything without converting and it playing it well.
  • MsDict – These dictionaries are perhaps the best I’ve come across.
  • Salling Clicker – Gives me complete control over my computer be it music or presentations over both Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Here and here are two comprehensive lists of software you might to look.

I didn’t include Truphone here because I was not sure it will qualify as an ‘application’ per se, however its a great VOIP service. What would be your top picks? Would there be any current freeware apps you wouldn’t mind paying for?


6 thoughts on “Software For Your S60 Thats Worth Paying For”

  1. Just upgraded my firmware to V20 on my N95 8GB…stuff i couldnt do without:
    Coreplayer – for videos n i use it as a download tool thx to ur post 🙂
    MsDict – comes in handy all the time
    Widsets – its where i read all my news,jokes etc
    Nokia internet radio – i totally recommend it !
    Y Browser
    Symtorrent – torrent manager
    Facewarp – for the kid that lives inside me 😉

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