Orkut Goes Mobile

Orkut Mobile

Google owned popular networking website, Orkut now has a mobile version accesible from any web eqipped cellphone. Just point your browser to m.orkut.com to get going.

If you have a web-enabled phone and a data plan, just point your mobile web browser to m.orkut.com, and stay connected to your friends anytime, anywhere.The mobile site has been made with the fact in mind that the phone’s data network isn’t as fast as your computer’s, so only the features ‘most useful’ according to Google are being made available.

“For example, we’ve made it easy to send, receive, and respond to scraps on our mobile interface so that you can step away from your computer and have conversations on the go. From your phone, simply click the new “Reply” link to respond directly to a scrap from your friend. You can also read recent updates from your friends, view upcoming birthdays, look up and add friends, and accept friend requests.”

I personally prefer the full version on my S60 Browser which works like a charm most of the time, however if you are having trouble or are not on a flat data plan have a look.

Via: Official Google Mobile Blog


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