WOM World Undergoes Changes – Eseries To Benefit

WOM World - Nokia

Nseries WOM World is a great resource for anything that has something to do with the Nseries range of devices. The great team at WOM World focuses on device reviews, applications, tweaks, basically anything that will help you get more from your device or make you aware of just one of its killer features. Sadly I am going to say that will not happen anymore. But I am gladly telling you that is because their focus has shifted, not away from Nseries but also onto Eseries – a very welcome change. WOM World has a new home and it is this.

Now, the thing about both series’ is that they are based on the S60 platform and because of that they are essentially similar devices at their core. The only differences being in hardware and a few optimisations here and there. What is true for one, most likely will work for the other too. Still, a lot users have a misconception about the myth that if something that belongs to Nseries, the Eseries owners’ shouldn’t be bothered and vice-versa. This transformation will hopefully cure that and also give the Eseries limelight they deserve.

Focus Areas

The good thing about WOM World is that although it is Nokia sponsored, yet they not only focus on and highlight the good aspects of the devices, but give equal space to problems, user opinions and possible drawbacks of these very devices they are promoting. Articles, editorials and rants from across hundreds of blogs are read, selected and only the ones worth a read are dished out for the users, thus presenting a complete picture.

WOM World Nokia as it will be known now, will focus on the Nseries, Eseries, Services such as Maps, N-Gage and Ovi.

I have recently got myself a E90 so was wondering whether there are as many Eseries dedicated blogs as we have for the Nseries, and after a little research I came to the conclusion that the number is not even close. Here’s hoping that the void will at least be partially filled!

Jump over and have a look for yourself.


5 thoughts on “WOM World Undergoes Changes – Eseries To Benefit”

  1. great news…i thought that the great Eseries devices were not well represented.

    Don’t all themes work in the Eseries?

  2. Very true about the the E51 and E90. I happen to own both and am very pleased with them. All themes work with Eseries but some have trouble adjusting to the E90’s wide screen display. However most new themes are SVG and they cope well.

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