Reflections – Nokia N82: N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

Reflections N82 –N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict

If someone were to go out and decide that he or she wanted the top Nseries device that practically did everything, most peoples’ advice would be to get an N9x device. After all they are Nokia’s flagships and you would think that they’d be the best device to get hold of. However while the above might have been true six months back, I would have to think hard, before I say yes to the above.

Now let’s examine the current market setup. The N95 had been Nokia’s top dog for over a year and was easily the most feature packed device ever made at that point in time. However, it became old news with the launch of the improved N95 – The N95 8GB (N95-2), the heir apparent to N95’s throne. But meanwhile Nokia also released a handset called the N82 which practically can do everything the N95 can and in fact does it better; thereby putting the 8G’s claim at stake.

This post, along with pictures, looks at both the devices and we try and reach a verdict.

Both N95-2 and N82 share almost similar features including an AGPS, 5 Megapixel Cameras, and decent free RAM. Just to recapitulate, here are the major points of difference:  

Advantage N82

N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

  • N95-2 has capped storage without a removable memory card.
  • N95-2’s camera lacks a protective covering.
  • N82’s Compact monoblock form factor.
  • The Xenon Flash

Advantage N95 8GB

N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

  • A HUGE 2.8″ screen albeit with the same resolution as that of the N82.
  • Sliding form factor. (Feel free to disagree, but I personally love sliders)
  • 8GB of out of the box storage.
  • A richer feel to it, seems like a flagship


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

When somebody asks me which is the best Nseries device today, the only two devices that come to my mind are the N82 and the N95 8GB. Now to help him or her decide the question I put is how important is the camera to you and do you really need to take pictures in the dark? If there is a clear answer to this question then the problem is solved, otherwise it has just begun.


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

While both devices essentially share the same 5 Megapixel Carl Zeiss lens equipped camera, the difference in actual quality is not so subtle. The N95-2 features no camera cover so its lens is bound to pick up scratches no matter how careful you may be. Next because it has some sort of a protective lens, there is always a tinge on most pictures. Furthermore the N82, which has no such problem, also has a Xenon flash which works very well for night/dark shots. A clear victory for the N82.


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

The N95 8GB is equipped with dedicated music keys and ample storage. This coupled with probably the best loudspeakers vis-a-vis any Nseries makes N95-2 the winner by a distance.


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

This is the biggest plus for the N95 8GB. Even with the same old 240×320 resolution it looks gorgeous. Movie watching is a pleasure. Period. I watched an entire season of a series called ‘The Practice’ on it even though my laptop was lying bang next to it; the convenience is just too much. It accepts a standard 3.5 mm jack headphone and for other times the loudspeakers are loud enough. You can probably tell by looking at the picture alone how much of a difference there is – .4″ means a lot. A big big win for the 8GB.


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

Apart from the main points above there a number of factors that play a key role in the choice of a phone.

– For starters, the N95 8GB feels way better than the N82 which just by the looks seems a mid tier phone.

– If eye candy is consideration for you, then the N82 gets a negative. (That will change with the Black)

– As far as usability goes, the keypad will also get the N82 another negative.

– But inspite of having a smaller battery the N82 does fairly well with standby times so that will earn the N82 a point. The thing about the N95-2 is that it makes you want to watch more and more video and video really impacts battery, its not really the phone’s fault but then that’s a reality you will have to deal with.


N82 - N95 8GB - Share on Ovi

After all of the above having been said the question remains which is the winner? But can there be a winner? In the end it will boil down to personal prefrences and I can only conclude with mine in mind. I had the N82 prior to getting my hands on the N95 8GB and within a few days I had decided that this was a device I wanted. Coming of an N95 I was sick of the poor battery, sluggish camera and lack of xenon; moreover it had been an year since I bought it and frankly I needed a change. The N82 really cut it for me and I decided to get it, but somehow the decision got delayed and by that time I had the N95 8GB with me. The N95-2 just felt so good, so much richer, almost regal. Suddenly I didn’t care about the xenon and my slider love took over; I thanked God I hadn’t bought the N82 just yet.

After a few days of real world usage I realised that the question you should be asking yourself is this “Am I looking for a device that makes for better memories or for one that makes a better today?”

 N82 Black

The N95 8GB will be a great personal entertainment device while the N82 will create breathtaking memories. If for some reason you do not like the N95-2 then just close your eyes and get the N82, if its looks are a concern, then the Black will sort that out too. The phone comes highly recommended!

Note: Complete Hi-Res N82 – N95 8GB Gallery on Ovi

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16 thoughts on “Reflections – Nokia N82: N95 8GB Comparison & Final Verdict”

  1. Great post.

    I think that N82 would give stiff competition to the N96 too but that is if it is still released without the xenon.

  2. Firstly great job with the posting,very comprehensive…ur right,these 2 phones are very close competition to each other therefore it boils down to personal preference…Iv used the N95 8GB for about 4 months now and i must say that it is a delight…the big screen,sexy black,etc…but i have experienced a few glitches which i think are worth a mention….
    -The onboard 8GB is painfully slow and takes an eternity to fill up via “USB 2.0”,MicroSD would have rocked…
    -The slider gets a little wobbly with time…
    -The materials used on the front panel are not of the quality id have liked,not top end quality…
    But id still pick the N95 8GB eyes closed…;)

  3. I prefer the N82 blk and am waiting for it. Just hope Nokia doesn’t launch a better fone after I buy the n82. On another note the n82 looks quite slim as compared to n95-8GB which seems a lot thicker in comparison. Nice pics.

  4. Ish, oh yeah! That N96 xenon rumour, it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. I am not getting my hopes up!

    Ali, all very valid points that I was going to include in my N95 8GB review! 😉

    SiDG, Thanks. Well the N82 is almost future proof for the next one odd year. The N96 is coming which isn’t way ahead of the N82 so you can feel safe in your purchase. Nokia’s touch Xpress music device is coming though!

  5. Great review and I would agree with all the conclusions. I don’t have a problem with the 8Gb lens. It seems to be the same as my old N80 which was in my pocket mostly for 18 months with no scratches. I’m trying my best to get hold of an N82 to try. Had a play in the Nokia Store but need a few days to see if I can live with the smaller screen.

    The Zenon flash question…Nokia Spec on is:

    Dual-LED camera flash, video light, recording indicator, auto-focus assist light.

  6. Good point and thanks for making it. With that in mind the N82 does get a definitive edge no doubt. However this post was written for someone who just wanted the best Nseries for him regardless the price.

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