New N95 8GB Firmware v20.0.016 Changelog Out – Firmware Awaited

N95 8GB

SF has the scoop on the the upcoming N95 8GB firmware v20.0.016. It will finally bring automatic screen rotation a.k.a. the N82. As usual there will be bug fixes and other stability and performance enhancements too. Chief among those are:

– Improvements in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server.

– WLAN, BT and USB connectivity improvements.

– Improvements to the Switch application.

– Stability in the Gallery when there is a lot of content.

– Startup functionality improvements

– The browser also gets some attention with improvements to embedded video functionality while sending email via browser flash plugin.

The firmware will be available soon across Nokia service centers and also via the NSU. Complete changelog after the break.

New features:

  • Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR)
  • Support for new combo memory added


  • Improvement when creating a voice call from WAP page.
  • Improvements to embedded video functionality in browser.
  • Sending email via browser flash plugin improvements.


  • Mail in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server improved.


  • WLAN connection stability improvements
  • BT connection stability improvements with certain BT headsets
  • USB connection stability improvements


  • Voice call handling improvements after certain type U.S.S.D message receiving.
  • Stability improvements to gallery for case when there’s lot of content in Gallery
  • Improvements to switch application
  • Voicemail icon handling improvements

Localization corrections:

  • Deletion of all contacts now possible even more than 6000 contacts in phonebook
  • Startup functionality improvements

Changelog via: SWB

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20 thoughts on “New N95 8GB Firmware v20.0.016 Changelog Out – Firmware Awaited”

  1. I am not too sure. It might just get it too, after all the N95 8GB also got flashlite support in the browser earlier. However having used the N82, I can tell you its nothing phenomenol, something I won’t miss.

  2. bt it wud b gud 2 hav…..
    n do u think n82 is a bettr option 2 d n95 original????
    even aftr havin a smallr screen?

  3. can u plz guide me, that can i update my phone directly frm 10.0.021 to this v20. N second thing is that if i update my fone whether all previous apps such as flipsilent, on phone memory as well as apps and gallery files in mass memory would b deleted or nt. Expecting a guided reply. Thx

  4. Hi, the phone can be directly updated to v20 without a problem. Infact when v20 does become available you will only be able to upgrade to it.

    Everything from the phone memory including all apps etc will get deleted however the memory card will be unaffected.

  5. thx. But prob for me, i will b unable to resign all those essential things such as nokmote etc, no prob, will find apps somewhere. Well will this firmware allow us to watch you tube video on browser, n download rar files widout that “not supported” error. N last thing, what is this external combo drive support

  6. Hi!

    FYI: combo memory is the phone memory which sits on top of the main processor of the phone. since there are always new suppliers and types, these need to be specified in the software so that the phone has the correct settings and can support those memories…


  7. I got the v20.0.016 but how does the ASR work, is it a setting somewhere? coz it does not auto-rotate as far as I can see unless i’m missing the obvious! enlighten me please!

  8. if we back up our phone memory, than are those softwares already installed on phone memory before updating, are saved/restored or not?


  9. I have US version of the phone. Can I use the V20 firmware on this phone.
    Or do i have to chcnge it to Euro? how can I change it to euro.
    Currently firmware 11.2.011.

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