N95-1 Firmware v21 – Available Via NSU

 v21 Now Available

The latest v21 fimrware for the N95-1 is finally available via NSU after being available at Nokia Service Points for some time now. This update brings the Web Runtime support and Flash Lite 3 support to the N95; flash based video in the web browser is finally a go! The complete changelog curiously was out well ahead of the firmware itself and I had posted it here.

This firmware as always will still not be available for operator branded handsets and for some product codes; just wait and watch for now! However this will go to further sadden the hearts of N95-3 owners who are still waiting for a firmware update.

For all N95-1 users who are not prepared to wait, have a look at the unbranding and updating guide here.

The firmware changelog is listed here again: 

New features
* Flash Lite 3 support added
* Widget (Web runtime) support added
* Default year changed to 2008

* General stability improvements.
* Pre-defined access point kept after switching to different type SIM card.
* Localization improvements.
* Standby time improvements.
* Improvements to BT headset interoperability.
* Improvement to Calendar data restoring.
* Switch from landscape to portrait mode & screen rotations improvements.

* Improvement to long text writing to web page text boxes.
* Browsing from WLAN wizard improvement.

Media Player
* Localizations improvements in Music player.
* Windows Media Player recognizes device as Nokia N95.

* Image rotation improvement in album view.
* Gallery & Slideshow performance improvements.

* Improvement to SMS reception.

* Midlet installation improvement.
* Improvement to Java application start.
* Java midlet certificate checking improvement.

* General improvements to Maps application.
* Localization correction to Search in Maps application.
* Improvement to Navigate To -function when started from search application.

* Contact names with accents and more than 11 characters can be copied to SIM card.

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Via: S60 Blogger


14 thoughts on “N95-1 Firmware v21 – Available Via NSU”

  1. Hey Vaibhav,

    Good Post. I was wondering if the Indian N95-1 is included in the list of N95’s product code update list. Or do we have to wait for another month to be included for update.

    Love the blog.


  2. Nayan, Thats the product code I have too and there is generally quite a wait for the firmware. I had given uplong time ago and changed my product code.

    Adil, Thanks pal. The firmware for most Indian product codes generally is late. Even though all N95’s here are sold sim free. I do know why they do this is, very frankly it has become disgusting. Firmware after firmware the wait goes on, irritating to the core.
    I am sure Nokia doesn’t expect an average user to change his product code to update!

  3. Thanks Vaibhav
    can you tell me in which product code my N95 can be changed by Nemesis Service Suite
    I mean corresponding India product code

  4. thanks Vaibhav for your suggestion
    But I changed my product code 0548298 India APAC-2 by NSS
    & then finally update to 21.0.016 today morning
    I observe 3 things 1.bass improved in default equilizer in music player
    2.battery life improved
    3.youtube video running is smooth

  5. listen n95 users who updated their firmware to v21.

    when i learned yesterday that v21 was out, i didnt wait another second to get the new firmware. like most of you guys would do. i made a back up of my files first and then downloaded the freshly brought out upgrade.

    the flash 3 support was cool and the web runtime. the phone seemed to work faster too.

    but the next 2 thing ill tell you is something what i would call very saddening about this upgrade.

    1. the camera flash lights doesnt work anymore. even if you set it on force flash

    2. today ( 2nd day of v21 in possession) my phone stopped working and the screen went all black. i thought my phone crashed so i did what i usually do when it happens. i pulled the battery out for about 3 mins but the screen remained black. fyi, a phone that’s turned off shows a blank screen. i put it back, same story. my phone is dead and i couldnt turn it on anymore. i immediately drive by the nearest nokia point center and ask if they could fix it. i had to leave my phone there for inspection and reparation. that means i would be able to use it for a couple of days. and this is very tragic.

    is there anyone there that encountered the same problem?

    piece of advice to those who havent have theyre phone upgraded: wait a couple of days first, and listen to what those who downloaded v21 on their phone. v21 is what i call DOWNGRADE in this matter. im very disappointed with this new firmware….

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