Create PDF & DOCX Documents Directly On The Phone

All-Format Writer All-Format Writer

Tea Vui Huang is indeed a talented developer. The lastest application I’ve come across from him is All-Format Writer a freeware Java J2ME-based application that allows you to create and send out short and simple documents on the mobile phone in various competing ‘next-generation’ electronic document formats. These include OpenDocument Format (ODT), Microsoft’s Office Open XML (DOCX), China’s national electronic document format Unified Office Format (UOF) and the popular Portable Document Format (PDF).

Most Nokia smartphones ship with inbuilt document viewers and this freeware will allow us to create documents on the fly too. Although this does not give us the ability to edit documents but the power of creating PDF’s on the go is nice to have.


Usage – As this application writes files to the removable storage, user permission is required. On the Nokia phones, the messages prompted will be “Allow application All-Format Writer to read user data?”, followed by “Allow application All-Format Writer to write user data?”. On the Sony Ericsson phones, the messages prompted will be “Allow application to read user data?” and “Allow application to write user data?”. Please select “Yes” in all the above instances.


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6 thoughts on “Create PDF & DOCX Documents Directly On The Phone”

  1. If only the app allowed the READING of docx documents and other Office 2007 files it’d be one of the most awesome apps ever!
    I finally had someone send me a docx file today in a class and I couldn’t view it on my N95-3 which was mildly annoying – Especially because GMail/GoogleDocs doesn’t read it yet either.
    Anyone know of any S60 v3 apps out there that’ll READ docx files? (Yes I know about Quickoffice 5.0 Premier but I do not want to pay that much for a functionality of which I will barely ever use)

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