SmartGET – A Python Based Download Manager

 SmartGET SmartGET

The S60 Safari based browser is one of the best mobile browsers out there, but when it comes to downloads I can’t be that appreciative, in fact the downloading ability has been static since the Nokia 3250 the first S60 v3 phone. Its a pain managing downloads, there is no option to Pause a download and it can only be resumed if the browser crashes and that too in a non user friendly way. Bottomline – it needs a overhaul. What is worse is that it only allows us to download files which the phone supports, so much so that even .rar archives can’t be downloaded.

I recently came across SmartGET a python based S60 client by Gazetdinov Albert that handles downloads pretty well. Just copy the link and put it into the application and it will take over from there. There are options to resume, pause, set download times and so on. Pretty nifty; check out some of the features and screenshots below.


  • An all new graphical interface.
  • Download multiple files simultaneously (upto 5)
  • Auto-resume failed downloads due to network errors
  • Progress bar for downloads
  • Monitor clipboard for links
  • Updated Settings dialog. (more settings)
  • Start/Stop Timer (Still need to iron out some bugs)
  • Faster program execution.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Use joystick left-right to select toolbar icons
  • Use joystick up-down to select downloads in queue.
  • Numeric Key 7 – Auto-orientation
  • Numeric Key 8 – Potrait
  • Numeric Key 9 – Landscape

 SmartGET SmartGET

Note: Python needs to be installed for the application to work.


Download Python!

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9 thoughts on “SmartGET – A Python Based Download Manager”

  1. hi all, this is a guide (with screeshots) to show you all how to download unsuported files with the s60 2.0 web browser.
    It works with all file types and also is pos to download .rar files from rapidshare etc…….

    All screenshots are in the guide.

    Here is the guide of how to do it …

    *To do this you will need a file browser and coreplayer v1.2.0*

    Hope it’s of use to some of you and most of all, enjoy…

  2. Why can’t this script run on nokia n95 8Gb? I have instaled python 1.4.2, but can’t get it to work 😦 any suggestion?

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