N82 Black Official: 400 Euros: Ships Soon

N82 Black

This is what we were waiting for, the N82 Black is finally a reality. Nokia issued this press release today announcing the Black variant of the N82 which will have inbuilt geo-tagging and the ability to directly upload to Youtube, Flickr etc. This will most likely be implemented in existing N82’s with a firmware upgrade too.

Nokia seems to have got one formula absolutely spot on, introduce a good device, let it sell at a high price point, then slowly let the price fall. Next intoduce it in Black, thrown in a feature or two and sell it again at a higher price at what any other colour would. Later, give those features to the existing owners too and keep them happy with Nokia as a company. Smart!

The device is expected to cost 400 Euros and will be shipping in a few weeks. I am seriously considering buying this one. More pictures below and the press photos can be found here.

N82 Black

Multimedia computer excels as travel companion with photography, navigation and Internet connectivity

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today unveiled the Nokia N82 in stylish black, bringing a blend of state-of-the-art imaging, integrated navigation and high-speed Internet connectivity to the Nseries range of converged devices. This jet black multimedia computer enables people to “geotag” the images they capture – allowing them to not only be saved by date, but by location as well. This adds to a line-up of compelling photography features, including a 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash. Not only does the Nokia N82 take great pictures, array of advanced connectivity features makes it easy for consumers to share their discoveries, journeys and locations. The Nokia N82 in black is expected to start shipping within weeks, with an estimated retail price of approximately 400 euros, before taxes and subsidies.
“The Nokia N82 is made for storytelling,” says Juha Kokkonen, Director for Nokia Nseries devices. “As one of Nokia’s leading-edge connected camera, the Nokia N82 in black captures people’s journeys and discoveries. With built-in A-GPS it even helps people to find new places by pairing ‘contextual’ information with a wide array of connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and HSDPA. We make it easy for consumers to quickly share those moments as they happen.”
When it comes to camera capabilities, the gloss-black Nokia N82 is set to wow world travelers and photography enthusiasts alike. The 5 megapixel camera, powerful Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics, ultra-fast camera activation, autofocus with a dedicated assist lamp, fast reloading between shots and DVD-like quality video capture all ensure that special moments can be captured “picture perfect” – even in low light conditions.
Taking advantage of its integrated A-GPS functionality and high resolution camera, the Nokia N82 automatically tags images with capture location metadata, making it possible to view the capture location on a map either on the Internet or on the device itself. When it comes to sharing, consumers can upload their pictures or videos directly from their Nokia N82 to services like Share on Ovi, Flickr or YouTube. By installing Nokia’s exclusive and free Sports Tracker application, consumers can share their whereabouts and travel route with others on the Sports Tracker website – including the capture locations of images. The Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker that runs on Nokia smartphones. Information such as speed, distance and time are automatically stored in the application, and can be shared with others.

Urbanistas explore the world

To showcase this exciting application, several explorers took off across the globe, each with a GPS-enabled Nokia N82 as their travel companion. On www.nseries.com/urbanistadiaries, people around the world could follow these intrepid travelers, and share the experience in near real-time through images captured on each explorers’ device. The Sports Tracker widget tracked the explorers’ location and marked the spot where each image was taken on a constantly updated map. The widget has now been embedded in many blogs and social networking sites.
So that everyone can track and share their own journeys, stories and pictures with friends – just like one of the explorers – the Sports Tracker mobile widget will soon be made available with many new and existing S60-based converged mobile devices. It is also possible to share and compare travel routes or workouts with friends or the Sports Tracker community. Others’ journeys can also be browsed by location, for example to find a more exciting travel route.
The Nokia N82 is a true travel companion and supports microSD memory cards of up to 8GB which allow the device to hold the user’s choice of up to 3,600 high-resolution pictures, 5 hours of high quality video capture, up to 6,000 songs or all of the available regions for the Nokia Maps application.

Via: Intomobile


5 thoughts on “N82 Black Official: 400 Euros: Ships Soon”

  1. I second that! A really clever way to generate the hype about a product again. That is one sexy phone; the keypad doesn’t look bad and the fingerprint problem should also have been addressed by the new casing.

    I hope Nokia starts offering the all Black casing separately for existing owners!

  2. thats not gonna happen…the existing owners are gonna keep drooling over the black,thats the law of the system…i remember the time when i was looking to buy the N73 and the N73 ME popped up,boy was i thrilled!…

  3. Even I am not hopeful, we will get 3rd party covers buy they never really cut it for me. What I had in mind was say I can give my N82 to the Nokia Service Center people and for a reasonable ammount of money they give me the entire Black housing with keypad and all.

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