Scribe – A S60 WordPress Client

Scribe Scribe

Jay Fenton has made a S60 WordPress Blogging Solution in the fastest time ever. He made this Python based client during the course of a chat with Ewan in just 60 minutes. He’s just released a very early Beta of the application which is now in an installable form and not a mere collection of scripts. That is awesome work. The client allows us to make posts, edit them and so on. There is support for adding image links, paragraphs, links to other websites etc. However doing all of this will requires some degree of HTML knowledge, thats a minus for a lot us but hey, the application was made in 60 minutes!


For those of you not happy with the existing S60 solution, there is finally an alternative. Meanwhile Ewan is also getting a S60 client made for the same. It will be good to have options. Jay also requests you to please stop by the #scribe Jaiku channel to keep updated and give him some feedback! In you are not on Jaiku, get invited here.



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