(Pseudo) Push Gmail – Free

Pseudo Push Email Pseudo Push Email

Push Email according to Steve, “it seems is something every man and his dog wants, i.e. emails hitting your smartphone (with a beep) as soon as they’re received into your mailbox. In other words, you don’t have to wait the ten seconds or so to check your mail server when asking for your email in the ‘old fashioned’ way.”

A lot of power users noted when Gmail introduced IMAP support and have configured the native S60 client to automatically push our Gmail into our inboxes. However they are still a lot of people who haven’t worked all this out. Steve has been experimenting getting his GMail ‘pushed’ onto his S60 smartphone, for free. Jump over for the results, comments and relevant how-to details.


4 thoughts on “(Pseudo) Push Gmail – Free”

  1. Sure but for those of us who are not really paranoid about instant email yet like tokeep ourselves updated Steve’s guide is the best bet.

    For more professional usage Profimail is a good app, have tried it but never really felt the need to buy it.

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