MultitasKING – N82


I currently am trialling a Nokia N82 and so far I am thrilled with the device; more on that later. Lets cut to the real deal now, as you may be aware the N95 is my primary phone and with the latest v20 firmware it allows me to multi task to a lets say decent extent. It is not something I would settle with but something that gets the job done.

Enter the N82, as usual the first thing I did was use Switch to get all my stuff over, download the absolute essentials like Gmail and Maps and generally set it up. Since I am somewhat obsessed with RAM conservation I decided to install Device Status and see for myself how much rope to I have to play with, on launch may be with one other application running I had about 86 MB which is beautiful, certainly the way all S60 phones should go.

As a practical test I decided to see how useful can all that RAM be, I am pleased to say that not only is it useful but it will also satisfy the geek in you. I actually ran each and every application I had on the phone including Web, Music Player, Ngage, two Gmail clients (for the java), another game, basically everything and not one crashed or the phone hung. Have a look at the screenshots and see for yourself!

MultitasKING MultitasKING

MultitasKING MultitasKING

MultitasKING  MultitasKING

MultitasKING MultitasKING

MultitasKING MultitasKING

It looks as if I missed out the IM client, but nevertheless I still had about 6MB of RAM left so I figure that wouldn’t have been a problem. This is great from the consumer point of view as even people new to S60 who do not know that the red button only minimises the application and doesn’t close it will not have out of memory errors, it is difficult to imagine anyone using all of these together at a point in time. Plus the next time they open the application and it pops up immediately, it will be a pleasurable experience. The N82 also has pretty good standby time and leaving a few applications such as contacts, calender, music player running in the background doesn’t affect it much. Kudos on giving the Nseries this direction Nokia.

All this just bears testimony to the N82 being the multitas’KING’!


9 thoughts on “MultitasKING – N82”

  1. ‘MultitasKING’ sure looks great and by the way nice name dude.. i personally am waiting for the black N82.

  2. The N95 8GB is also one of the beneficiaries of the increased RAM and can multi task similarly…nokia has overcome the problem of having insufficient RAM quite well,which until recently was a major issue with all Nokia S60 devices….now it boasts a stability which very few devices can challenge….

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