Update: Nokia Maps India Data Updated

AAS had reported a few days back that Nokia Maps has hit beta 2.0. The new application came with a new Map loader version 1.3.5. You can download Nokia Maps beta 2.0 and the Map Loader here. I had expected some sort of data update for India with the new map loader but it didn’t happen immediately. Today I just found the the map data for India has been upped from the earlier 21 MB to 24.1 MB.


I don’t have the details of the data that has been updated and I sincerely hope that we do get a big update sometime soon since Nokia has already launched the Navigator in India.


3 thoughts on “Update: Nokia Maps India Data Updated”

  1. hey anuj…i just noticed that the map loader V1.3 wont show the changes in the contents for India….i hav to download the map loader 1.3.5 all over again for the modified contents to show up…i find that really funny but i suppose the same rules apply for NSU….

  2. Hi Anuj,

    I downloaded the new maps and am using it from 3-4 days.I dont see any mojor change in cities information nothing is added extra. Bad news is chandigarh is still missing in Nokia Maps and also misses the National Higways of India.

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