Nokia N96 Launched

 The N96

Download the Spec Sheet!

Update: The Nseries Website Demo is up too.

Update 2: Hands On With The N96 – After The Q&A Sessions!

The newest entrant into the Nseries lineup is the dual-sliding N96 – a turbo charged N95! It is expected to ship in the third quarter for 550 Euros unsubsidized, thats some waiting but I am going to have to say it is still exciting.

My first impressions are good. I still haven’t got it in my hands, but the problems which I had with N81 seem to be gone at least build wise. The N96 is essentially the big brother to the N81 with much better specs. It features much bigger ‘end’ and ‘call’ keys which were somewhat tough to reach on the former. I personally love the N81 design, what I missed on it was the dual slide and the N96 features that too.

The big surprise to me is the addition of DVB-H in the device, yes it is focussed on video playback with it even featuring a clip to lay the device down on the table for better viewing pleasure, but isn’t mobile TV at least in that form dead? We saw what happened to the N92, N77 but still Nokia seems to be persisting. DVB-H is available in only a handful countries and I do not expect it to ever become mainstream, so why burden the user with something he will pay for and never use?

We have a session with the product manager soon and I will look to address some of these questions. In case you want me to ask something specific, drop a line!

Will update the post soon!


4 thoughts on “Nokia N96 Launched”

  1. DVB-H hasn’t even started yet so i don’t see how its dead. Its been on trial so far. Europe has signed a commitment to the platform and a standard and so have Nokia and other handset manufacturers as a group.

    All that is left is to wait for the bandwidth taken by terrestrial TV signals to be freed up for DVB-H. For the UK, that’s by the year 2012.

    The N92 was a concept of design and features. The N77 was an example of the future and is still a viable future proof handset, if its ever released.

    So don’t jump to conclusions yet. The day is still young.

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