Slide To Hang Up A Call

Slide Hang Up! 

Sliding the phone to the closed position to end a call is one feature that is usually built into sliders. The N81 has a proper menu which allows one to customise slide behaviour, while this is curiously absent in all N95 siblings. However, not anymore. This small utility which lacks any UI when installed ends a call when the slide is closed – simple as that.

Download! (unsigned)

Via: Pasco

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4 thoughts on “Slide To Hang Up A Call”

  1. Works fine, but the automatic keylock is not working properly anymore. The keys are not locked when the phone is closed after a call and are not unlocked when the phone is opened.

  2. Hi
    I can’t get it to work even after making a selfsign .sisx file. I get an error saying necessary program priviliges can not be given???? Help please…. (PS. My phone is in norwegian)

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