[Update] Nokia Beta Labs: One Update After Another

 NSeries PC Suite

Nokia Bets Labs is on a roll. They have updated the Nseries PC Suite, Mobile Web Server and PC Phone in quick sucession and from the look of things, an update for Device Status is coming soon! Read on for details.

 Mobile Web Server

Mobile Web Server 1.2 

Mobile Web Server has been updated to version 1.2 (Beta). Here’s a small rundown of what you can expect. Starting with Under the hood changes, latest Python for S60 (1.4.2) is included with the installation package. There are also numerous fixes based on user feedback especially in the connectivity area which should result in better handling of varying network conditions.

The update improves first launch experience by presenting users a settings wizard to setup their mobile server. Messaging and Calendar applications have also got an overhaul. Access log and notifications for site visitor monitoring have also been introduced and there is support for a status message which is shown in the offline page.

In addition to network traffic limit there is now a battery limit as well. Data connection type in Presence is also shown. Lastly, RSS feeds for Gallery and Blog are now available. Head over to the website for more details and a Download!

About Mobile Web Server

Mobile Web Server is a phone application to which you can connect over the Internet with your web browser. This allows you to easily manage and use phone functions with a PC, no external software needed.

Nseries PC Suite 2.0 

NSeries PC Suite

Meanwhile Tommi informs us that the Nseries PC Suite has been updated to version 2.0 stating that there are “improvements all over the place”.  A changelog is sadly not available yet. In case you happen to use the Nseries PC Suite, do drop a line in you notice anything substantial. Head over for a Download!

About Nseries PC Suite:

Nokia Nseries PC Suite is a collection of Nokia Nseries and third-party PC applications that seamlessly tie together your Nokia Nseries multimedia device and your PC. Use the applications to transfer photos or videos from your device to your PC, to copy your favorite music from your PC to your device or to synchronize your calendar and contact information. And much more.

If you already have the old Nseries PC Suite 2.0 in your PC, it is recommended to manually uninstall the old version before running the NEW improved version of Nseries PC Suite.


Nokia PC Phone

Nokia PC Phone has also been updated to v. 1.2. Here is the FAQ, jump over for a Download!

About PC Phone

The Nokia PC Phone is a service that gives you a possibility to use your Nokia mobile phone with your PC Web Browser. You can call, text and manage contacts from your phone. You can also see incoming text messages as popups and you can answer to calls. The Nokia PC phone is a browser extension/plug-in and it works with Firefox 2.x or Internet Explorer 7.x browsers.


3 thoughts on “[Update] Nokia Beta Labs: One Update After Another”

  1. There are two main reasons why some people don’t upgrade to SP2:

    1. Company policy – if the PC is a company owned device, the user may not be able/allowed to install SP2, as the new firewall policy breaks some apps. As SP2 is fairly old, the number of users in this category should be small, but you never know how fast IT departments move.

    2. Serial number of the XP installation does not allow SP2..

    Finally, there could be a rare hardware issue..


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