Brief: Flip Silent v 1.03 Out!

Tong Ren has just updated Flip Silent to v 1.03! The new version brings the following improvements:

1. Alarm Support (snooze, stop) when flipping over!
2. The BIG Active Call bug fixed!
3. Supports for 10 more languages!
4. Better power management, the sensor is stopped ASAP.


For those who have no idea what Flip Silent is, look here.

3 thoughts on “Brief: Flip Silent v 1.03 Out!”

  1. after i install it in my n95 8 gb, i can’t seem to open the app.. i have also signed it.. but i still can’t run the app in my phone

  2. How Do You Get The ” Shut Up ” For The N 95

    It Goes 2 The Phone An Then Says Faild :S

    Wat Shud I DO

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