[Update]: emTube Hits 1.0.10


Now this one thing that I hate, missing out on updates to the great applications I have installed on my N95. Just to inform you that emTube has hit v1.0.8 on January 9th 2008. 

As of today, v 1.0.10 is out! The new version brings some stability improvements and bug fixes apart from support for three new languages (Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew). It is also now possible to find also videos with restricted content, sort by Relevance, Date, View Count or Rating. An option to “Scan drives for FLV videos” also makes a debut.

Here is the official Changelog:

– Fixed the infamous 404 error.
– New: emTube searches now include restricted content.
– New: added Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew translations.
– New: added “sort by” option to the search view, also available as an settings option.
– Fixed problems with playback of FLV files generated by SUPER conversion program.
– Fixed: download percentage on the navigation pane wasn’t updated in some circumstances.
– New: Saved clips view now includes an option to scan your phone memory / memory card for flash video files.
– Fixed: A lot of bug fixes and small changes suggested by users to improve usability.

The new features include:

  • View saved video feature
  • View by ID
  • New languages

Also includes some fixes.

Download! or headover to the developer’s site.

Via: SymbianWebBlog 


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13 thoughts on “[Update]: emTube Hits 1.0.10”

  1. The saved video does not show the already present videos.
    It stores information of the newly downloaded videos.
    We need a fix for this.

  2. emTube as far as I am concerned is broken with the new N95 8GB firmware V20.0.016. Downloading or viewing any video results in an error.

    When trying to view: “emTube was redirected to html page instead of FLV movie! Check your proxy settings.”

    When downloading a video it just finishes in a flash of a second and the size is 1KB which doesn’t work.

    Whats wrong here?

  3. Yea I am not complaining 🙂 just wanted to know if everyone else has the same issue or am I the chosen one. I’ve been waiting too for the dev to be back soon on this one, I dont mind paying for it as well. Thanks!

  4. ya i have the same problem

    it keeps telling me “emTube was redirected to html page instead of FLV movie! Check your proxy settings” on my N81 8GB

    And the emtube wedsite isnt workin….



  5. Mobitubia is s*** compared to emTube. The inbuilt flash support for some reason just hangs my real player everytime I try to watch a video of youtube.com or even from the youtube application, dunno whatsup with that.

  6. I am not talking about the mobile version of youtube that uses real player but the direct flash playback that the recent firmwares of E90, N95 and N95 8GB support. Video in the browser itself, works well. I agree emTube is better though! 🙂

  7. It works for me on my N95, I don’t know why it isn’t for you!
    Although it needs some changes, the view and download option takes far too long!

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