N81 8GB Special Edition Unboxing

 N81 8GB Special Edition

Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I have recieved a special edition N81 8GB Special Edition. (Thanks Guys!) The great thing about it, apart from the packaging is that it ships with a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones! Thats right, an ultra deadly combo!

The N81 8GB has been out for a while now, but a beauty such as this deserved an unboxing and I decided to give it a shot. I was in college with friends when I was attempting to shoot this video and invariably we would end up laughing while making the video, you can imagine the number of retakes and it didn’t quite end there. I probably out of too much excitement kept using the words ‘really really’ time and again, to the point it gets irritaing. Anyway, here it is, the N81 8 Gig Special Edition unboxing after the break.

N81 8GB Special Edition

N81 8GB Special Edition

Update: I would be using the N81 as my primary device for the next few days so if there’s anything you want to know about it, I’ll be glad to help & In case you want me to cover the device in any particular manner, I’d be glad to do that too.

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8 thoughts on “N81 8GB Special Edition Unboxing”

  1. Nokia has sent me a trial for a few days only, so that I can share my views on the device with all of you. So in case there is anything you want to know about the phone, do drop me a line.

  2. vaibhav i m surprised and happy like anything on hearing dis news of u receivin d fone frm d tech people, man u will go a long way, wish u luck!

  3. Man I bought a N81 a few months ago. The camera has a slightly greenish hue and I told the people whom I bought it from the very next day of the purchase. They did not do anything and now there are other problems like the navi-wheel doesnt work and the song ges interrupted for a sec as i go back or click the red(end call) button this is when i go to the music player. I am thinking that formatting the phone will do it rather than giving it to a Customer care office. How do U format a phone?? and will it help please do reply…

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