S60 Must Have Freewares

These days we are witnessing great freeware development in S60 applications and the best part is that they are plugging the gap for certain essentials, S60 should have had in the first place. Here are a few I really like and use frequently.

RebootBT Switch

But before that here’s a post by Ricky Cadden aka The Guru over at Symbian-Guru which lists some of the must have freewares around. It includes Mobile Signer, GPSed Beta, Call Filter, Log Exporter amongst others. They are all hosted on his mosh account for easy download, jump over for a read.

BT Switch

BT Switch 

This is one must have! It allows us to toggle the bluetooth with just one click, very handy. It has no UI, nothing. When you click on it, the bluetooth gets activated and another click deactivates it! You will need to sign it yourself though.

You need to set it up from Tools>Settings>General>Personalisation>StandbyMode>Shortcuts to show up in the Standby Screen for maximum ease of use. (Via – Tarek)



Most power users and even those who run a lot of applications on their devices would have noticed that after a while the phone gets sluggish and the free RAM dips. The solution is to switch off the phone and then switch it back on, this is cumbersome as it involves the security code entry and so on. Here is one application that simply on a click reboots the phone and gets you to the standby screen without any hassle. Believe me this is far more convenient. You will need to sign it before installation though.

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6 thoughts on “S60 Must Have Freewares”

  1. How about just using NStarter, which allows the user to toggle bluetooth from a shortcut key from anywhere on the phone, and to reboot, and also add a couple of other shortcuts? Hm… It’s a freeware too!

  2. I’ve not tried that application, partly because I do not really like applications that sit in the RAM forever! 😉

    Plus I found these apps far too convenient to try anything else. The BT switch I keep on the standby screen and the reboot app in the multimedia menu, which for me hardly has any other use.

    Since u recommend it, i’ll give Nstarter a shot though. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Vaibhav,

    This dipping of RAM is really a problem and I was searching for its solution since long. Although rebooting is not a perfect solution, yet in absence of any other way this rebooting / restarting (which I do now) seems to be the only solution).

    Since both of you are renowned bloggers, I would like to listen more from you on this topic – what are the causes, how to curtail / minimise this etc.


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