Nseries UPnP Capabilities


One aspect of the Nseries WiFi phones I am sure not a lot of us put into play is UPnP. I for one have hardly used this capability on my N95 which actually is very useful. Considering the fact that you can stream all your pictures, music and video to your phone from your PC or any other so device setup, the Home Media application is neat. But what takes the cake is using TV out in tandem with UPnP. Its pretty nifty to stream pictures from a PC in some room to your TV via the phone.

In this post guest author Anuj Singhal talks about how to set it up and utilize the benefit of say a 120GB harddisk on the phone! Note: Although this post is based on the N95 it may be valid for other wifi capable devices also.

I was going through the internet searching for something new to do with my N95 and found something really interesting, you can read about it here. Although the concept of sharing media using WLAN is not new and UPnP has been around for sometime but it was very poorly implemented on the N95 in the earlier firmwares. It seems that in the hype surrounding the inclusion of on demand paging and NGage application in the v20 firmware for N95 we missed a very neat little improvement. Nokia has improved the UPnP interoperability so to say, to understand what it means we must understand that the UPnP defines three types of devices:

UPnP Servers – These store things like music, movies and pictures.
UPnP Renderers – These play music or display images/movies.
UPnP Control Points – These tell UPnP renderers what to play/display from which uPNP server.

N95 could only act as a UPnP control point with earlier firmwares and used to have a PC software on the CD to be installed on the computer which used to act as a renderer. The N95 could play the media files on the PC after copying them to itself.

Now with v20 N95 has got both server and rendering abilities, that means you can actually stream media files through WLAN from your PC to the N95 and play them on the phone.

I personally use it with my laptop running windows XP and it works just fine. You will need to setup a home network first (or an ad-hoc network if you don’t have a router) The detailed how to on setting up and ad-hoc network can be found here for Windows Xp and here for Vista.

After the adhoc network is up and running, on your N95 go to Menu- Tools – Connectivity- Home media. This should automatically run a wizard on the first run, otherwise go to options and run the wizard. You should be able to setup the WLAN home media network. You can choose to share the media stored on the phone with the home network during the setup.


Now on the PC, run the windows media player (I use WMP 11), go to Tools- Options- Library. You will see an option to configure sharing, click on it and you will be able to see an unknown device, select it and click allow. (You can also configure what all media to share)

Now whenever you need to play media on the phone, goto home media and click browse home, it will show you PC listed there, on selecting it you’ll see your shared media devided into music, video, pictures and playlists.


Now the catch is when you want to play a song or say view a picture, you have to select it and then click options- click play and select on device. then wait till the file loads. It’ll take few moments, be patient and then it will play, you can control it just like the music player.


There is an option to copy your music onto the device too. You can also view the pictures stored on the PC in a similar fashion.


How did it work out for you?

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31 thoughts on “Nseries UPnP Capabilities”

  1. You do realize what you have done, haven’t you?

    You’ve allowed us to sync videos and images to our PCs at a blazing 52MBps!

    Thank you!

  2. Hey, really nice advice. But there is one part I don’t get: what if i DO have a UPnP enabled router? How do I set it up then?

  3. This is not my post so I’m not sure, but AFAIK there is no need to fiddle with the router. Just enable sharing on the PC, run the wizard on the phone and you are good to go!

  4. Even i have a Wi-Fi Router configured to for Accessing internet for Desktop(via Lan Cable) and Wi-Fi Access Point for Nokia N95.
    So can we setup our Mobile to access files via router.
    If yes then its a gr8 breakthrough for many people.

  5. my SMC modem/router also as a UPnP option, and i am still wondering how do i configure it. just has an option to enable/disable

    using what is in this post i was able to go trough my files…but the ones that are aded to the library right? so my question is: i can i browse all the files by folders instead of being limited to what is in the library?

    i have no problem playing music, but when i try to play videos a “selected device does not support this operation”

  6. I think you will only be limited to what is in the My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders this way cause its done through the media player. However within these you can browse by folder.
    N only the videos the phone natively supports will be streamed. Therefore .avi files etc won’t be played. But if you have core player installed, then just copy the file and then locally play it with that application.

  7. Nice blog, but i really couldn’t get Media Player 11 (Win XP) to show my N95-3 on the media sharing device list. I’m not sure, but could this be because of old firmware (v11.2.009, RM-160)? For N95-3, i believe this is the most recent.

    Using Simple Center Home Media Server (http://www.simplecenter.net) i am able to identify my N95-3 and copy/play files on my PC from mobile but unfortunately i can’t get the other way round to work.

    Any other solutions or workarounds to stream data from my PC to mobile??

  8. @Popy: The UPnP router you are talking about has nothing to do with UPnP streaming, but rather UPnP configuration/discovery … sorry ’bout that …

    @khurram: Actually your PC doesn’t need WiFi, as long as you have a WLAN access-point/router between the PC and the phone …

    Here’s what I have:
    I have a D-Link DSM-320 (which is a UPnP Renderer). It is connected to my TV and surround sound equipment …
    As the UPnP Server, I use TwonkyMedia Version 4.4.3 (http://www.twonkymedia.com) on my Mac. I share all the audio and video I have in iTunes, as well as my pictures from iPhoto, and can access it on my TV as well as on my phone quite easily …

    I have been using this setup with my Nokia devices for a couple of years now (since the time I was beta-testing the N80 IE … feels like a loooong time ago). I have also been using it with a Nokia E90 and obviously with my N95 …

    Maybe it’s time I start blogging about all the other crazy stuff I do … I just assumed that you guys knew about this already …

    BTW: I remember having heard about XP, but what’s Vista???


  9. Any chances to get in work as renderer on RM-159 (current fimware 12.0.013)?
    Are this v20 devices differ in firmware only or hardware too?

  10. I don’t understand the option ‘Play via Home Network’ What does this mean? Does it mean I can control music that’s playing on my computer? I’ve got a N81 which isn’t too different to the N95

  11. @DocAl: I tried all the possible ways with my N95-3 and can say that currently N95-3 (V12.X) can work only as a control point and not as server or renderer. We have to wait till Nokia releases v20 firmware for n95-3 devices. As far as hardware is concerned and as far as i know N95-3 is better than N95-1.

    @Jack: Yes, with that option (‘Play via Home Network’) you could control music, movies, photos etc., on your computer.

  12. @Mario: Cheers for the reply, have you any idea on how to make this work? I can’t seem to make it work in WMP11 for example.

  13. im still proud with my n95 which my mate just have iphone which is seems so useless cant use mms, cant sent file over bluetooth, and trying other way using an email sent a pic or video and still wont play on his iphone! i was so shocking, he is trying to open it up the jpeg of photo it still wont… also iphone freeze up n restart about 4 times in an hour while we trying doing it … also he showing off the movement of the iphone landscape i say hang on n95 can do it!!! rotateme software for n9 would do!!!!
    i been testing the music/photo over the network to my n95 is fine but the dispoinnted is i wish a dvd player had built in to n95 so possible to playback a dvds over network to my n95 and plug to my tv!

  14. What a guide! great
    Cant find a way to play .mp4’s though, because Wmp puts them in the library folder “other”. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Yeah tried that. It doesn’t matter if you use the folders option as it is determined where Wmp puts it. Because Wmp doesn’t like Mp4 it it will always stick them in the “Other” folder. I need to find a way of manipulating Wmp some how.Probably over my head though 🙂

    Cheers for the input Vaibhav. Where There’s A Will There’s A Way 🙂

  16. Hey,

    does anyone know if there is an application to do this on other S60v3 phones? Like my E61?

    I really hope there is because I have Wi-Fi at home and could use it

  17. SimY, try using twonky media, it might work for all media files. You can google it and download a free trial. A very small and nifty piece of software.

  18. Hey,
    the file sharing works like a charm,but its not what i had expected it would be…initially i had planned to stream videos from my laptop to the N95 and via the cable to the TV…it seems that the n95 can only stream files it recognises,like mp3s stream just fine,but it doesnt natively support Divx and other video formats…coreplayer supports all those formats but it cant get in touch with the home network…any help?

  19. hi, everytime that i try it my N95 just shutdown the “my network” and goes to the him “desktop” hehe…can anyone help-me?? it is a N95-3

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