rotateME v2.0 Beta 5 Officially Out


S60 wizard Samir has officially released the rotateME beta 5 for the general public! It is one of the most widely awaited applications ever and is compatible with the N95, N95 8GB and the N82 while a special version for N80, N73, E65, N81 is in the works.

Beta 5 brings a world of improvements, the biggest for me is the ability to hide the application from the default task manager! This is something I really wanted as it makes the experience complete, it is as if the rotate functionality comes inbuilt! The options to adjust sensitivity and reactivity work well and allow you to control the angle of tilt at which the screen rotates. The auto start option is also present. All in all a complete package. Wonderful work from a great man! Cheers to you mate! In case you can spare it, donate Samir a few PayPal dollars.


For those new to RotateMe, it is a freeware application which allow you to switch your phone screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa with just a tilt. Here’s rotateMe in action.


Installation Instructions: 

– Don’t forget to install N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis

– Sign the included .sis file and install.

To rotate the screen, keep this application opened and rotate the phone.

You can disable the rotation by pressing simultaneously Pen and Camera keys.

To close rotateMe go to Options -> Exit.

Here’s what the settings allow us to do:

Sensitivity: More sensitivity is set to a high value, more the display will rotate with a minor needing of rotation of the phone.

Reactivity: More this setting is low and more you have to keep your phone in landscape/portrait position to rotate the screen.

Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch rotateMe automatically at the phone boot.

Inactivity Delay: After this delay of inactivity, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key, or unlock the keypad, to reactivate auto-rotation.

Priority: High priority allows a better reactivity when big apps are launched. 

System App: When activated, this setting prevents rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions. 

Hidden App: Enable this setting to hide rotateMe from the tasks list.

Note: If you enable “Hidden App.” or “System App.” you will not be able to close rotateMe from tasks list.

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32 thoughts on “rotateME v2.0 Beta 5 Officially Out”

  1. hi. ican not install rotateme 2.0 beta 5 in my n95 8gb. when i try messge coming out certificate error. contact the application supplier. i have installed sccelerometer but i cant install rotateme. i have updeted firmware maby this is problem. please help

  2. i got the signed rotateme and i installed too but its not opening
    can anyone tell me what has happened even after installing the app successfully.

  3. Hmmm All in all it’s a great app but its causing a few problems on my phone

    1) Sometimes it really slows down the unlock screen, you press unlock and the ok takes a good 2 seconds to display by the time the phone thinks your pressing the unlock key was by mistake. Infuriating

    2) Sometimes especially after watching a lot of videos at the videocenter, the menu shows the menu icon and looks like a non-fullscreen app (Messaging for example, with a big icon) and doesn’t become fullscreen until you restart the phone

    3) Sometimes especially after restarting the rotateme app ceases to be hidden and you have to set the hidden attribute to no, quit it and then relaunch it AND set the hidden attribute back to ‘on’ for it to disappear from the task menu.

    I’ve disabled it until these bugs which make me want to pull my hair out are gone…

  4. I cannot open the DevCertRequest_30_10_2006_v2.0 like the others have mentioned, yet no-one has mentioned or knows how to fix this problem. Does anyone have one or know a link to one that is working.


  5. i have the same problem with DevCertRequest_30_10_2006_v2.0 i click on it and nothing happen, someone know how to fix that???
    or better someone can post signs sis of rotateme 2.0?

  6. Please can someone sign this rotateme for my n95 and send it to my email. I would be very grateful… Symbian-signed doesnt allow anymore registering from public e-mails so i cant sign it myself. I have tried all the ways and…. 😦 Pls pls pls. My email and my IMEI is 356996011147799.

  7. Hi, after spending a lot of time finally I manage to get registered with symbiansign after all process I am getting this message(Failed have probably exseeded the number of certificates allowed for production in 24 hours.)This the message I got at the the first time of logging in. If any body has a clue plz let me know. All those looking for alternate email, please make your own web on its totally free and if you get any luck please contact me at

  8. Hi, I am having the same problem as Rich above:

    Where is the ‘Developer Certificates’ Category on the ‘My Symbian Signed’ tab??

  9. Hello, Could anyone please sign RotateMe for my phone, it is an N95 and my IMEI is:3548350011880805. My E-mail address and if anyone could send me the proper file it would be very appreciated.

    – Thank You in advance

  10. If you upgrade your latest firmware to 20.x.x.x on the Nokia 95 8GB (at least), you can under settings and display turn on automatic rotation. So if you have problems installing rotateMe, I’d recommend upgrading your firmware instead.

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