Brief: Nokia Map Loader & Maps Updated

Nokia Map Loader v 1.3

Anuj from the Nokia N95 Community on Orkut reports that the Nokia Map Loader has been updated to version 1.3 and the maps have also got an update. While the Indian map data has only increased from 19.7 MB to 21.1 MB, China it seems has gotten a big upgrade and is now upto 190 MB. In case you spot a change, do drop a comment.


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6 thoughts on “Brief: Nokia Map Loader & Maps Updated”

  1. Hey you guys! Just a note to let you know that Brazil’s map has been updated too and has gone from 18.1 to 141.9 wich is a biiiiiig deal. My city is finally there and i can use the freakin’ thing and not worry about data plans so i can use Google Maps instead. Anyways, thanx for the info! Bye

  2. Difference in Nokia Maps

    When i went to this site for Nokia Maps i saw version 1.2.1

    And when i went to Nokia Europe i saw version 1.3

    What the hell Nokia People thinks we asian are not the one to get the Updates the Europe People gets.

    This is really ruing all Asian people for Nokia.
    Even the Nokia Firmware Update is still not available for Indian Nokia N95 when the whole Europe and UK are enjoying its benefits.

  3. Gaurav: you whine like a politicians. Did you hear yourself?

    “…when the whole Europe and UK are enjoying its benefits”.

    It’s a company, not a government. They probably do what they want. There is a tiny little thing called “free market”. You think they are not good in your part of the world? ok, get another phone. You think there is no company to play it good in your part of the world? Even better: start one and seize that portion of the market. That’s how you do it!

  4. Damn Gaurav Man, I seriously agree with Legba… Why do you have to cry about that? Nokia is’nt that well established in the East, as it is in the West. If you see the maps of India, they have many lesser details than those of the Western Countries… Dude, I’m sure Nokia is getting themselves up to this, and making itself available to the whole world, which I suppose all of you agree, will take time… So for the time being if they have strong services available in a few countries, what’s wrong in giving them smaller updates? These updates wont be of much benifits to other countries like India…

    Hope you all agree…

  5. Nokia Maps is a great free navigation app, but Nokia Map Loader is a horrible program. To make things worse, it needs hundreds of megs worth of .net framework. Imagine you need to get a local map on your phone in an internet cafe that won’t let you install any software on their machines…

    But now you can add maps without the bulky bloated Nokia Map Loader. Works on PC (Windows, Linux, doesn’t matter) and Mac. If your phone talks WiFi or if you have unmetered 3G you don’t even need to touch a computer to add maps to your memory card!

    Links to all maps and instructions on

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